How Hello Mamas Was Born

Hello Mamas was founded by Meg, Julia, and Christa – three very different moms who each experienced challenges when it came to finding mom friends.

Realizing this was a global problem, we formed a team to create an amazing web app designed to take the stress out of finding local moms, making friends, staying social, and planning playdates.

Feeling lonely, mama? Sign up for your free Hello Mamas account to meet local moms, plan playdates for your kids, and get the support every mother needs to really enjoy motherhood! We use an exclusive matching system we designed based on our own experiences to making finding moms near you easy, quick, and fun.

How you use Hello Mamas is up to you! Schedule a playdate, coffee date, or cocktail meet-up, or build an amazing online network of moms right in the app.

Want to know more about our story? Contact us – we'd love to hear from you!

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