Age for no more binky

What age should I take the binky away

  1. Nicole K11 months ago

    I took my sons away at 6 months LOL. Didn't want to struggle with him depending on it.

  2. SparksMom11 months ago

    Crazy we on Vaca at 2.5 and took 2. He stood up in his crib bit a hole in it and threw it across the room. Tried it with 2nd he did again. And it was over;)
    I've heard if a baby is super attached to put it in a build a bear

  3. Reneeramirez11 months ago

    We try to take it away but then he starts looking for it when he gets cranky he's 1.. I guess I'll try harder to ween him off

  4. Nicole K11 months ago

    Hes going to be cranky no matter what. Id imagine from what I see with friends that the later you wait the more difficult it is. Thats why I never really gave him one. Though im a special person, I also never gave him a bottle and only did cups LOL. Same thing for food. I gave him everything we ate and no puree at 6 months. Everyone mama is different, good luck!!! I hope it goes well .

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