Breast Cancer

Hello friends. Today i want to share some tips to prevent you from the breast cancer. I hope these tips will help you all.

1. Breastfeed, If Possible.
Breastfeeding for an aggregate of one year or more (consolidated for all kids) brings down the danger of bosom disease. It likewise has extraordinary medical advantages for the youngster.
6. Stay away from Birth Control Pills, Particularly after Age 35 or If You Smoke.
Anti-conception medication pills have the two dangers and advantages. The more youthful a lady is, the lower the dangers are. While ladies are taking anti-conception medication pills, they have a marginally expanded danger of bosom malignancy. In case you're exceptionally worried about bosom malignancy, staying away from conception prevention pills is one choice to bring down hazard.

I hope these tips will help you all. Thanks for giving me your time. Stay happy.

  1. noreenwawuda3 weeks ago

    Hello there shannon123. Thank you so much for sharing such insight. I lost a friend through breast cancer. Since then this topic has been so significant to me. I always try to educate people against it. My friend found about it at a later stage. By that time nothing could be done to help her. We women always tend to be reluctant to go for checks up. Some clinics even offer free checks up. It is better you know about it at an early stage. When you realize it at the last stage it will be expensive. What hurts more is that there is still no cure. Just some chemo and radiations. These procedures tend to be painful too. They help in killing and reducing the cancer cells. But cannot kill the entire cancer cells. If you have more information about the same kindly reach back.

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