Diagnosed with RA

Hi all, I was working as a morning traffic reporter in Business news network, Canada. Now I am behind publishing an e-noval. Since a week, I’m seeing most of my fingers swollen and I can’t even bend my wrists. But years ago, I had experienced the same condition. I had trouble with RA which began in 2008 with swollen knuckles. But when I was diagnosed with arthritis at first, I never thought that it was something which I would have for the rest of my life. I started out with Methotrexate, then to Leflunomide. Without Leflunomide, I would not be able to do any work. I had taken a lot of medication but now I realized that this is not going to go away only with it.
I feel like my life is dominated by my pain. I think I need to think about the pain I experience in a different way. I need to incorporate some meditation techniques and other strategies to manage the pain I experience. I once saw an acupuncturist in Brampton who recommended a vegan diet, which seemed to help. I thought of getting physiotherapy at home( ) as I feel I’ve been very weak due to RA.
Does anyone have these problems? If so what would you recommend? It would be helpful to speak with others who are using similar in-home services. Thanks in advance.

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