First Date ideas

My teen son is planning on his first date. We enjoy a very friendly relation and he is quite frank about his life and everything that happens in his life. I am really anxious for his life and his inclination.
I guess he is really serious about his views on dating. I suggestions some tips I found online.
Moms out here might have had the same experiences with teen kids. Though I don't disclose, I am very sensitive and anxious about him. I still pamper him a lot. I told him to go through useful articles on how to deal with dating and on the hindsight any fallout.
I suggested him, a meet up for coffee or a drink would be enough. Outdoor adventures are a good idea like a simple walk, your own picnic, an outdoor movie, boating. I did suggest few better weekend getaway locations
Am I oversensitive, or is it quite normal of a mother? I was never so anxious for my daughter.

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