Homeschooling my super hyper kid...

So my three year old son is super hyper and im trying to figure out activities that don't require a lot of sitting that will get him learning the alphabet. write now we're (trying) to do animals and his name. Any ideas?

  1. Lena R.5 months ago

    Hi !! I have a 3yr old son who is hyper as well and doesnt sit down more than 5 seconds . I found amazing diy educational videos on youtube that helped me out tons. Try doing corn whole but with a twist. Use solo cups or whatever is convenient for you ,use them with each upper case letter marked on its own cup and make it into a game . Throw bean bags or soft balls with the lower case letters on them into the cup that matches (Definitely with have to make cups sturdy as they will fall easily ) . I also made a poster board of different animals with velcro stickers under each picture and then cut out each letter and put the other piece of velcro on the back of them so he can learn what each letter an animal starts with. He loves games and figured this would be the best way and its working so far . And for numbers we do a ring toss over empty water bottles with numbers drawn on each one .!!!

  2. Jessica Stokes2 months ago

    My 3 year old is an Energizer bunny with a short attention span. We found bathtub tiles at Target that is a full set of letters and numbers. They stuck to the tub and anything slick like the window. We use a kiddy pool to play and integrate learning into the play where I tell him to go fishing for a certain letter and stick it to the sliding door. Sounds crazy but I definitely have to thing outside the box with this whirlwind! Also shaving cream on a little table outside if you have the ability to hose off the mess

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