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For those who are having trouble with infertility, don’t lose hope. There are many other ways. But be careful while choosing IVF. Because there are age restrictions in IVF. If your age is over 40, try not to take the risk. Instead of IVF, you can go for surrogacy. So be careful while choosing treatment. Good luck.

  1. Nala8501 year ago

    Hey Emma. This is so right. More people need to know this. These are the little things that people often neglect. I'd always prefer surrogacy over IVF. It has more chances of success. My heart goes out to everyone going through infertility. Prayers for them!

  2. hannahgr1 year ago

    Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I hope it helps many. Such informative posts are very helpful and useful. I appreciate your post. IVF is a great process. I agree it has age restrictions. One should be careful while making a decision. My friend also did her IVF from a clinic in Europe. The results were successful. She was not aged. I wish you good luck in the future. Take care!

  3. Jane Drake1 year ago

    You are absolutely right. Thank you for creating this post. People need to understand that there is an age limit for IVF. The woman above 40 cannot handle IVF. They have the option of surrogacy to go with. I am telling from personal experience. My sister went to this clinic Lotus. They advised her to opt for IVF. She was 43. The result was not good.

  4. katti1 year ago

    Hey Emma, hope you are fine dear. I agree with what you said. Surely surrogacy is a last resort with many. Specially for the ones who are above age limit like me. I am 36 and I have no other hope than surrogacy. But there are certain clinics who are just in business to make money and not to give honest treatment. I have encountered one, its Adonis clinic in Ukraine. A pathetic and selfish clinic.

  5. serra1 year ago

    Well, thank you. It is informative talk. I am so happy people help each other. IVF is a good procedure. A woman can conceive a baby through IVF. But it is a risky procedure. It is painful too. I prefer surrogacy. I have a baby through surrogacy. It was a safe procedure. It was not risky. I have a genetic baby. It took away all my worries. I am a happy mother now. I recommend surrogacy to all.

  6. milana31 year ago

    Hi. I hope you are fine. I agree. IVF is age dependent. Its success depends on age. But I have seen young girls fails in IVF. I am in favour of surrogacy. My friend was infertile. She wanted to be a mother. She was not so lucky. She decided to go for IVF. It failed for her. She was so upset. In the end, she decided to go for surrogacy. She went to a clinic in Europe. She was given a surrogate. She is a mother now.

  7. Elizza0491 year ago

    Hey Emma! Hope so you will be fine. I'm glad to see this informative post. You are right. I would also like to show something that could help you to have the best treatment. There are some clinics like Adonis and Lotus. They are spammers. I heard so many bad reviews about them. I heard that they play with the lives of people just for the sake of money. I just want to aware you guys. In this way, I hope people would not become their victim. Europe is full of such best clinics. So any of want to have it then consult them. I hope your wish will be fulfilled from there.
    My sympathies

  8. Lilyj1 year ago

    Hey there. This is so true. IVF is no doubt an amazing option. However, it is not for those who are older. With age fertility diminishes, and those already having infertility issues have to face more difficult time. Surrogacy on the other hand does not have any such age barrier. Though for even that it is best to make the decision soon.

  9. olivia291 year ago

    Hi there. You are right. For infertile women. IVF and surrogacy are one of the best treatments. But IVF has chances to really make a difference if you are below 40. Because after 40 the rates of getting pregnant are very low. But i prefer surrogacy for couples who are aged because it is easier. There are no risks of any sort. It is expensive and a lengthy procedure. But it is worth it. Because of the end result. I suppose people are leaning towards it now more. Although one has to be really careful while choosing the clinic. And it isn't as if taking any risks. If there are women who have the chance to get pregnant through IVF then they should. Best wishes for anyone opting for it.

  10. LauraPatton1 year ago

    Hey Emma. Thank you for this information. Indeed surrogacy is amazing. you won't believe I gave up everything I had. Everything made me sad. Everything made me frustrated. But I went through with it anyhow. Surrogacy was the only alternative I had. My DH was supportive of it as well. It was just my family that didn't like the concept. But this was my only hope. I have a depressed personality I don't find happiness easily. Somehow I managed to pacify my parents about it. I went for surrogacy. I got to choose the surrogate mother even. I now have a daughter that's 2 years old and she is the love of my life.

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