Moms of under 1 year old daughter near D.C. Area

I'd like to meet new moms and families with similar situation.

  1. Paula Di Felice 1 year ago

    Hey I am a mommy to a 11 month old little boy. We are in Ashburn, VA. We're really close to The DC area!

  2. Mojgan1 year ago

    Nice to hear from you Paula , where are you orginialy from ? It seems you are from East , I guess.

  3. Mojgan1 year ago

    Or you are Spanish ?

  4. Olga Cooper1 year ago

    Hi, I am from Glen Burnie MD, it is about 40 min north of DC. I have a 6 month old baby girl and look for play friends for her.

  5. Debi T1 year ago

    Hi there! My name is Debi and my youngest just turned one! It's hard making new friends when you have a family and you're in your 30's lol! I'm in Fairfax VA and would love to make some new mommy friends as well set up some play dates for my little one! There's lots to do around here :) Thanks!

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