Naughty children

I am in a great dilemma. My two kids are too naughty. I don't know what is driving them crazy to throw the dresses out of the cupboard. I always keep the shelves and cupboards well arranged and the moment they start searching for their dress the room become a chaos.

Oh ma god!!!!! fed up of my children. I have reached a saturation state where I can't manage them. So I'm planning to hang a cabinet closets ( ) in the rooms. What are your views on it??

  1. noreenwawuda3 months ago

    Hi there @CindSein. Chi;dren can be so stubborn. That is just their nature and you have to get used to it. Actually I like stubborn children more. When I have a child who just stays calm it feels so boring. It is just a moment in their life and they will finally change. Just try to be careful. Keep your belongings somewhere they cannot reach. It is also nice that you have searched for an alternative. If you are sure that way they will not cause the room to be at chaos. Actually that is a good method to solve the problem. I think I will also try it out. That way they will value order. It will also teach them to do things orderly. You should also tell them to stop throwing clothes anyhow. As they grow they should learn responsibility.

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