Need help or advice for daughters feedings.

Hello moms.
I need some advice.
My daughter is 3months old. She’s been on cereal since she was 2months old. She was constantly hungry, and not getting enough. Since she was 2months old she’s been on 5 oz. with cereal. Eating every 1-2 hours.
She’s 3months old now eating from 5oz we just moved her up to 6oz with cereal, but she’s still very hungry after a bottle. She still wants to eat every 1-2 hours. Is there anything I can do so she’s not always hungry? She’s always hungry. She does sleep through the night. So she gets a big bottle when she wakes up in morning. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna over feed her, but I wanna make sure she’s full.

  1. Boy mama 6 months ago

    What I’ve learned in the past with my two boys is, at that age, they really can’t eat too much. You could make her 8oz and see if that does the trick for her, seems to me like she just really enjoys eating! Every baby is so different, my youngest started off eating way more as a newborn in the hospital, than the nurses advised, they said he would eat too much and puke it up but he never once did, so I let him control when he was going to stop. Feeding her the amount you are, even if she seems hungry, won’t starve her or be unhealthy for her so don’t worry about that.

  2. Jhatiere6 months ago

    SO my daughter is an eater. My son was breastfed and he ate often but that was just because breast milk digested so much quicker. My daughter is on formula because of a vitamin d deficiency and she just genuinely enjoys food. I will say this...explore the option of your kids needing more of certain vitamins. my daughter was ravenous when she was born and i was always feeding her...turned out she wasn't getting enough vitamin d. She's eight months now and I find that if I get her enough vitamin D during the day she wont wake to feed in the nights. But she STILL loves food! Like anything she hears or sees people eating she's interested in. It could be you just have an eater on your hand. I would check for deficiencies but like BOY MAMA said don't stress too much. Some babies just like food lol

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