Toddler temper tantrums

What's the best way to deal with a two year old temper tantrum? Especially when you are at a store or food place?

  1. UnofficialKimchiMama1 year ago

    We calmly ask what's wrong and try and see if he will tell us. If he does we go from there and try and fix it, if he keeps screaming one of us removes him from the public place while the other finishes up. Sometimes there is no working around a tantrum. Just tell them you will talk to them when they calm down if they are to that point and put them in a safe place to release their stress. Revisit the problem later if neccessary. Most of the time our problems stem from tiredness or over stimulation.

  2. Raquel B1 year ago

    Well I think it depends on how much talking can your two year old do. Mine was a pretty earlier talker but at 2.5 yrs it would have been hard to really figure out what he was saying. We used to bring along our comfort item when going somewhere they might not through without a meltdown. Usually my boys just didn't want to be in the cart or place anymore because it wasn't exciting. So having a distraction worked best for us. Toy or a snack, usually it was one of those things that they wanted.

  3. Blessedmama311 months ago

    I have been dealing with this with both of my little ones . it seems the tantrums start mostly when were in public then anything else . my kids still try play this at stores and they are 4 and 5 now. I agree that you should try calm them down and ask what is the problem. But if it is getting to out if hand I would go to a bath room or take them out side and calm them down. Then try talk as much as you can. I pretty much have shop fast !. It can be stressful but hopefully they grow out of it

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