My children are becoming adults and i wanted another baby with my husband but he did not want more children i am divorced by courts and trying to go to church not sure how to fit in not wanting to date are there any other moms sad that their children are growing up?

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    I try to concentrate on living in the moment and enjoying every stage. I can't wait to see what kind of people my kids will become!

  2. callisy4 months ago

    I understand nearly all parents wish their children to be young. The little them. But with time they grow old. We have no other means but to accept this. Sometimes I wish that children don't grow. But when they grow the better. It's funny how we want different wishes. We forget to live in the moment. This is when we have different option. When our kids are young we wish them to grow up. They start joining school and we wish they are in college. When they join college we wish that they are in jobs. They are in jobs we wish that they are married with their own children. When you go to hold their babies. Now we wish that they were young themselves. Its just about being satisfied at every stage. No need to wish for the next step. Then when they are at that stage you wish they are young again. I believe you will just get satisfied with the current stage.

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