When is the right age to take ur kid to the movies .?

Still deviating if I should take my 3.5yr old Daughter to see Frozen2 when it comes out

  1. mom3times3 years ago

    Never!!! Lol jk jk.. well u wont know how she would act until u take her. So just take her! Lol i dont like going to the movies with kids if anyone is gna be crying or talking durong the movie its meee lol

  2. Mommyto1cutegrl3 years ago

    I think it depends on the child's attention span to that sort of thing. Can she get thru a kids movie at home? Try to rent or buy an animated kids movie and watch it at home to see if she can stay attentive to it. If 10 min into it she gets distracted and starts running off or not paying attention maybe wait longer. Going to see a new movie can be a little expensive and frustrating if u miss half or all of it if she starts whining or getting bored.

  3. Mommyto1cutegrl3 years ago

    I would like to add that if she loves the frozen 1( which she probably does) like my 3 yr old daughter than she will probably love going to see it especially if u buy her popcorn! I might be tempted to take my daughter to that one too and just cross my fingers! Lol

  4. Christa3 years ago

    It SO depends. My son would love it and he's younger. We took my daughter to see Brave at that age and she was scared.

  5. ItWorks_Lyoness893 years ago

    Maybe try a drive in theater first? This way you have control over the situation without the rudeness of others, incase your child starts to get upset or talkitive. You will be in your own car, you can control the volume, and even sneak in your own snacks lol :)

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  7. julieloran11 months ago

    I have been critical regarding the cinematography these days. All those researchers proving how harmful one cartoon might be. Anyway, I was convinced to take my babies to the cinema. They loved it so much. I finally had time to relax because it was out first a couple of hours of almost silence! hah They were so focused and concentrated, nobody even made a sound. We all were crying though!! My girls are 4 & 6 years old. And even though I would recommend to be careful with often visits to the cinema, I would still go for it.

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