When should kids start wearing antiperspirant?

How do you bring it up? Wait until they need it or get them used to wearing it before they need it? And when do they usually start needing it? Are there safer brands for younger kids?

  1. Umlaut10 months ago

    I have a now-15-year-old:
    When he started to stink while having a shower every morning, i got him high-quality (i.e. Non-cancer causing) deodorant. That was at 9 or 10...
    Eventually he complained that the deodorant wasn't sufficient, and we had a talk about how bacteria causes B.O. and how the hormonal changes of adolescence causes a surge of that type of fauna. He still has great hygiene habits but i've been buying him anti-perseprant since he told me he needed it.
    Idk how well that answers your question, good luck :)

  2. Christa10 months ago

    Can you give a brand name for the non cancer causing stuff?

  3. Lenzie5610 months ago

    It's kind of difficult to find good anti- cancer deodorants, even for adults.

  4. Umlaut10 months ago

    True. What is out there is admittedly less effective. It works ok for children who are also learning good showering habits and are pre-pubescent.
    @Christa, i reccommend doing some googling, because i can't be sure that what i settled on was safe, and i'm reluctant to buzz-market for any company in a forum :)

  5. PiscesMomma10 months ago

    I have four sons so I have had to deal with this issue a lot. My older boys played football from a young age so they started wearing deodorant at around age 8. That's when they also started noticing girls so they would ask me to buy them body spray and cologne. My 14 year old son has had eczema since he was a baby so I was very particular about what I put on his skin. I have used oatmeal body wash for him, dove soap and aveeno lotion. He started wearing deodorant just recently. My 12 year old son doesn't wear it yet. He doesn't go outside much, he's a computer geek, so he doesn't really get smelly.

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