Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. [ deleted account ]9 months ago

    Tell your friends

  2. [ deleted account ]9 months ago
    330 Members are hanging here

  3. [ deleted account ]9 months ago
    new site made for cafemom members

  4. [ deleted account ]9 months ago

    Leaving this one
    Going here

  5. Violetlady9 months ago


  6. LadyHawk709 months ago

    I am! I was LadyHawk70 on CafeMom. Owner of A Siggy City and Admin at the Twilight Momfia and Simply SIggies.

  7. Nanny19189 months ago


  8. Karene9998 months ago

    I am here, trying out all the new groups to see which is the best fit

  9. CossieLovesReza8 months ago

    Here, here!

  10. mommy40008 months ago

    Yes, I am.

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