Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. Mommasbabies036 months ago


  2. Godstar6 months ago


  3. imyourpuppy6 months ago

    Too bad you can not reply on the comment or like it!!! makes it not as fun as CM

  4. Godstar6 months ago

    @imyourpuppy. We gotta do this.

  5. smarties6 months ago


  6. MrsDavidB256 months ago

    I was just going through say that! You can't quote and reply to people. That sucks.

  7. smarties6 months ago

    Can we not quote people?

  8. Desertlvn6 months ago

    Bet if we storm admin they’ll figure out how to set up quotes.

  9. Peaceful.chaos6 months ago


  10. Dwmama6 months ago


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