Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. Mommyto66 months ago

    I just saw the post about this site on cafemom. Thought id try it out.

  2. Caidysmom 6 months ago


  3. Anonymous 1 6 months ago

    I got my anon!!! :p

  4. Desertlvn6 months ago

    True story- I named daughter Preshis and my MIL won’t stop being mean about it. I hate her so much. I mean, I invite her to my trailer every Friday night and this is how she repays my kindness?! I’m never going to let her see Preshis again!

  5. smarties6 months ago

    Our first troll post! Yay!

  6. Rebel.Soul6 months ago

    Yes, same screen name.

  7. TMS78 6 months ago

    I'm here.

  8. imyourpuppy6 months ago

    @desertlvn LMAO, I'm sorry you have to go throw that.

  9. imyourpuppy6 months ago

    Hi everyone.

  10. Livric6 months ago

    yes :) just joined now lol

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