Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. sha_lyn684 months ago


  2. Livric4 months ago

    it wont let me add a avi pic... error page comes up :(

  3. Lunachick19744 months ago

    Hey! Hey!

  4. Cheerioholder4 months ago

    Cafe mama here LOL. So what do we think of this place? Seems normal compared to the bazillion other sites suggested that were flops so far.

  5. hugs4 months ago

    Think we can do better, LOL

  6. rona5034 months ago

    Here I'm going to try this place out.

  7. Cheerioholder4 months ago

    Meh. I'm not a fan...

    This place reminds me of when you're a kid and you pass a note around class and everyone adds their own two cents. It's not personal and you can't talk directly to specific people.


  8. imyourpuppy4 months ago

    It does look good, but I wish we could replay to the comments

  9. BadKitty4 months ago


  10. Sheilao4094 months ago

    Yup. Just joined

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