Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. WhiteRose07146 months ago

    Yes, Hi.

  2. Imacarolinamom6 months ago

    Here from CEHT

  3. TrouserMouse6 months ago


  4. sams10monkies6 months ago

    Me! Me!

  5. AliKatCam6 months ago


  6. Cheapskatemommy6 months ago

    ME! I'm here...

  7. Motherslove826 months ago

    Yes! I'm trying pretty much every platform to see which one I like best.

  8. G33KYM0M6 months ago


  9. 1988-20106 months ago

    Yep just signed up... I can't believe Cafe mom is closing... I've been there since the start... I wanna cry

  10. SugarRoses6 months ago

    This place looks promising, just wish we could quote and comment on reply's.

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