Anyone here from CafeMom

Anyone joined from CM? I already miss all of you

  1. Amee151 month ago


  2. Piscis291 month ago

    Just now joined. Still checking this place out.

  3. Silvermermaid1 month ago


    I am trying out all these forums to see which one I like best.

    I will miss CM very much.

  4. naj411 month ago


  5. Imperfectmum911 month ago


  6. scorpiodragon1 month ago

    I am. I was wife2ali, shadowmoon, scorpiodragon on there.

  7. Ada1 month ago

    imyourpuppy no I haven’t yet joined. Can anyone guide me what the matter it is? Like what is the purpose of this group or forum. What kind of information is being shared over there.? I am new here so that’s why looking for a little bit helps. If you feel free then inform me and acknowledge it. waiting for your reply anxiously. Good to know that we live like a family.

  8. MotionSensor1 month ago

    Yes. I've been on Cafemom for over six years. This site seems to be the closest format to Cafemom I've seen so far.

  9. PJMM1 month ago


  10. [ deleted account ]1 month ago

    I am now. This one looks promising but we need fonts.

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