Atheist mom raising free children.

Growing up my mother was spiritual but not religious. She raised my siblings and I to embrace our spiritual selves but not in a specific religion. Growing up I don't remember us even owning a bible. My mother was a believer in horoscopes, the afterlife and past lives. The first time I ever went to church was with an aunt and her church was one of those screaming and shouting churches. The first time I saw someone get the holy ghost and start running up and down the aisles it scared me half to death. Needless to say growing up being able to choose how I viewed religion and what I wanted to do with it gave me the outlet to be free. I chose to become an atheist. I don't really believe in the bible as the end all be all. I don't go to church and have not raised my children in the church. I gave them the same freedom that my mother gave me to study and choose what to believe. What are your views when it comes to religion and are there any other atheist moms out there? Where I live in Tyler, Texas which is uberreligious (there's more churches than there are people that can fill them), I feel like I am the only one.

  1. jessiey195 days ago

    Hi, I'm an atheist mom! I actually used to live in abilene. My husband and I travel for work! I feel you on the uber religious side of Texas. Feel free too add and message me on here!

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