Cafemom members what was your profile name?

Hi Cafemom friends I am trying to figure out how to start a group on here. In the meantime What was your screenname?

  1. Monkey's Mama10 months ago

    Punky_1981 was my screen name

  2. [ deleted account ]10 months ago

    Wow my first reply how are you?

  3. [ deleted account ]10 months ago
    I started a group

  4. JjcH0911 10 months ago

    I was JjcH0911 on cm , and obvi here. In about to make a site that mimics cm, although it's going to take time.

  5. [ deleted account ]10 months ago

    I am leaving you will find me here
    e-mail me at

  6. donnamarie310 months ago

    my sn was quinnsmom715

  7. I.Am.Jester10 months ago

    Same as it is here, still trying to find a place to land

  8. [ deleted account ]10 months ago

    Catching_dreams was my sn.

  9. Countrymommaof210 months ago


  10. MrsWhite541810 months ago

    Hello, I was MrsWhite101610

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