Did you drink while pregnant?

Just curious really - who had some wine, who didn't - did you find out you were pregnant after a big night out?

  1. Ahurst75 years ago

    I have had no alcoholic drinks since finding out I was prego, I've read about people who argue that there is no research proving that moderate alcohol consumption has an impact on baby, but to me, it's not worth it to even risk it just a little bit. I also smoked cigarettes but quit as soon as I learned of the pregnancy :-)

  2. Mmvanover5 years ago

    Everywhere in the world has its Do's and don't s. For example, in France it's perfectly acceptable to have a quarter glass of red wine adding up to one glass (a half glass) a week. It's expected. While eating raw veggies is just as taboo as drinking over here. :) With many of these things they tell you- they say that alcohol hurts your baby. But when you look into it, it's simply not true. If you have 2 drinks a day daily throughout your pregnancy, that will certainly hurt your baby. In very small amounts there is absolutely no evidence to support it and in Europe it's very common. Those are just the facts. I don't drink because I don't feel the need to, but if my friend wanted to have a stop of a glass of wine, maybe before I would have been appalled but now I don't think it's an issue. Now with cigarettes, not only are you inhaling smoke which cuts of the the oxygen to the baby so less flung to its brain but you are ingesting all those extremely harmful chemicals. I'm saying look at the facts and use common sense.

  3. Scottie Kathleen Selby5 years ago

    after finding out i was pregnant i immediately stopped. there are too many risks involved including death and disability's

  4. RozJS5 years ago

    I didn't even have a baby sip and my husband is in the wine biz, lol. I didn't want to take the chance and god forbid had anything been wrong, I would have blamed it on the alcohol. Not worth it for me:)

  5. Juliet392 months ago

    Hey, I hope you are well. I hope things go smooth for you. It's not safe to drink alcohol. Therefore, I would suggest you not to. I mean it is only 9months. I am sure we all can wait for that long. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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