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Hi! I am sorry if my question in unrelated. But I am trying to find more information about some clinics.
I am planning on going to one agency but I have yet to see many posts about them on forums. Just wanted to ask is there anyone who’s been there or who’s heard about it? I suppose it is uncommon to share the opinions about agencies or clinics on forums? Or is it forbidden? It is just something that I am really concerned about. I know that it is important to discuss such things, but the search for the threads regarding clinics has been fruitless. I do not know what to do honestly..
Is there a reason behind it? Why I cannot find any information about not only one particular agency but many? I am even scared of discussing it with other people here (not now though). Just because I always feel like it’s going to end with me getting banned. I am really sorry for bringing it up. But I had to express my frustration. Obviously, I am new to it. I do not know how forums work. Is there a law or something. I do not know.
I saw only one mention of a clinic. And it was a very negative comment. I just made some notes about it and that’s it. But what if I just blatantly ask about the agency I am interested in?? I know for sure that some people have been to it, I’ve seen some comments here and there… But it’s one comment in a million.
Sorry for ranting. Maybe I’ve missed something. I just want to discuss a lot of stuff that concerns me. But I think that it is impossible to do on forums. But the forums are the exact place where you should be able to talk about clinics. Or am I wrong??

  1. Mark mick2 months ago


  2. Goo-iona2 months ago

    What a problem? I guess you don’t have to hesitate. It’s the only way to check it out by expressing what you feel. Even if this site forbids your thoughts you will always be able to say goodbye to it and find another forum. Honestly, there’s a lot of them on Internet now.
    I also though what if someone wants to discuss a particular clinic but it’s prohibited on the site. That means it’s not that helpful as it could seem. I suppose such problems mustn’t appear at all. the administration can easily identify an attempt of promotion if it happens. It’s also clearly when someone just wanted to share some info or experience.
    Be much braver! It’s just the Internet relationship. Of course, many of people can criticize you or even offend but you are free to skip them like an annoying ads. You have your right to share thoughts.
    I’d be happy if you let yourself start telling what you wanted.
    Drop… so confident, so decisive. People behave like an inquisition against each other. They always see enemies and spammers around. This doesn’t mean the epidemic of spammers began. I’m afraid it more likely seems like beginning of the paranoia.

  3. PageElvy1 month ago

    Agree. You should not feel scared. perhaps a simple disclaimer would help? What if you just mention in the title that this is a thread to discuss the clinics? I am sure mods will not delete it. I am all for the freedom of expression on forums, but obviously, there are have to be rules.
    We have been reading a lot before we formed a list of the clinics and agencies we'd like to visit. And we had a lot of struggle when talking to other people online and getting in into communities that have been closed due to some spam.
    Anyways, I have posted a discussion about my clinic. It is wcob and is located in Ukraine. I am mentioning it just because Ukrainian clinics are everywhere and some might find it suspicious although it is a normal thing imo
    Anyways, I have posted a thread here and it was a blessing to find another human being who has been through the same. But if the clinic does not have any reviews, drop it. There are a lot of the other out there. For example, mine
    We were communicating with a lot of people in order to make the decision. We have been emailing all of the possible agencies and clinics of our choise. And made appt. This is what I would like to advise you to do. What is with that agency that you are so willing to know about? We were looking for a cheap option and have found more than 10 agencies in Ukraine. And have choice the one that met all of our cliteria.

  4. Juliet393 weeks ago

    I think it is very important to visit the right clinic for the right process. This is because the clinic who has experienced and has a high success rate will have the resources to make your process work. The reason why your process might work with a clinic. I made this mistake and I regret it to this day. So I started visiting this clinic which was near to my place without even researching about them. I went for IUI and IVf with them. both the procedures failed for me. Initially, I blamed myself for this. However, then I realized it was the clinic's fault as well. Mainly because their success rate was not that high. So now I am finding a clinic that is reasonable and reliable. Hoping for the best. I have emailed some. Just waiting for the response for now. Good luck to you.

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