Do you POAS after IVF?

I and DH are in the middle of our first IVF cycle. My egg retrieval is going to be a few days from now.
I m getting a little ahead of myself but I'm just wondering how people eventually find out the results. I've read that you shouldn't POAS because of false positives. I'm really scared about that. I've never seen that second line on an HPT before and I don't want my first to be a falsey. So what happens instead. Does the Drs office call and let you know after morning blood work? Am I going to find out if this cycle worked by myself at work or something?? I want to be with DH when we find out.
How does this all work??? Did you POAS at a certain point that isn't supposed to give a false positive? Any info would be helpful.

  1. bettygary2 years ago

    Hi there, they won’t know when your first beta will be at retrieval because you could have a day 2, 3. Or 5 day transfer. At the day of transfer they will give the date to come back in for blood work. At least this was my experience. Try not to Poas, I'd be lying if I said I didn't. I thought it was negative and come to find it was positive by a blood test, but just recently ended due to ectopic. Wishing the best of luck! Baby dust!

  2. natashawilliams2 years ago

    Hi there, I agree with (Betty Gary), try to not POAS, but I know firsthand the temptation to do so! Did you have an HCG Trigger Shot? I assume you did, but in know in some cases, some ladies don't. If you had a trigger shot, that is the reason you shouldn't test because HCG is what is tested to see if you're PG so the Trigger Shot would register a BFP if it was still in your system. Typically, they say the trigger is out of your system within 10 days of having the shot, but you never know. As far as getting the results of your beta, yes, you will likely just get a call from your clinic with the results. Depending on your schedule, DH's schedule and your clinics schedule, I would imagine you will most likely not be with your DH when the call comes in. Maybe ask your clinic if they have a timeframe that they make those calls to patients so you and DH could try and plan to be home together during that window? Best of luck to you!

  3. blancaharper2 years ago

    I plan to POA1000S! Because that's how I roll...obsessed to the bone! Lol. I will test every day starting right after transfer to "test out" the hCG. I expect to see a fading double line days 1-5,, then, hopefully, a growing double by days 7-10. If I don't see anything by day 10, I expect it will be BFN.

    That's what I did last cycle. I was depressed to see the blank sticks, but it won't stop me from doing it again. Because I already knew my FET failed, I went in to my beta already prepared for my next move, and my RE agreed to start a new natural FET this month. You have to know yourself, if you can face bad news or would rather hold on to hope as long as possible.

  4. melissamontgomery2 years ago

    Omg! I never thought of the "testing out"!!! That's a great idea. It's so hard not to POAS!!!! I always just want to do it.
    But I totally get why I shouldn't! I'm gonna have to see how it goes. Haven't had the trigger shot yet. ER is possibly 4 days from now and they just told me to up my menopur to two vials instead of one to get things growing a little more, so we'll see. DH and I aren't usually together when they call with BW results. If I end up not POAS maybe I'll ask them to leave a message and we'll listen together? So strange, but I guess it's the best we to be sure of the results. Although the torture of knowing the results is just sitting there waiting to be heard on my phone might drive me insane...

  5. gracethomsan2 years ago

    Hi there, after my first positive IVF beta, my best friend at the time convinced me to POAS. Because it would be fun to see the positive test. What a crock of shit. I got false negatives. It was scary and stressful to see the negatives. Never tested again at home. Betas are good enough for me.

    As far as the results... I'm a wimp so I had the clinic call DH with the results (i didn't want to get the news while I was at work) and he told me when we were together. He loved that even more than I did - his role in the IVF was basically his deposit and driving me to appointments so to get the good (and bad) news first was special to him.
    Oh and when he told the nurse about my negative HPT, she stated that if early HPTs were more accurate/useful than blood tests, they would do them instead of betas....

  6. sarabrown2 years ago

    HI, I understand your problems. I have been there and I have decided that I needed to fight with the same issue that you are facing it. IVF process helps you to conceive. It can be so scary as it seems and even painful if you don't follow the process.

    It takes time so you need to be patient. Start controlling your emotions in your life and focus on what you really want in your life. There are a lot of clinics and forum which can support you and help you to get over your issue.

    Do a little bit of research and focus on getting over it. follow the advice of a doctor.

    much love!

  7. Alana901 year ago

    I didn't POAS at the whole thing in two IVF tries. Just excessively much misunderstanding and nervousness as of whatever I've perceived. If you live nearby enough to your clinic, ask them to go through results that would be a much better approach then, and take your DH in trust.
    Do each thing that could help you out in considering the result.
    Though I had not that much strength so I was not able to do that.
    But good luck with your one.
    if you are really not able to take that stress better than you must go with my suggestion.

  8. camillenanjala1 year ago

    I don't like hpt's. They're not reliable. I've seen both false negatives AND false positives. But, if you absolutely must test, I would wait until at least the day before your beta. I have seen ladies test at 9dp3dt & get positives, but I've also seen ladies get negatives. Be absolutely devastated & then get a positive beta. So, the moral of this is that if you MUST hpt, then do it. But remember that regardless of the results. Nothing is certain until you get your beta results back. I've seen ladies hpt right before they left for their beta & get a negative hpt. But their beta came back in the mid 200's! So how's that for a reliable hpt?! Hang in there!! It's only 4 more days. If you really can't wait,. Try to get an hpt that picks up lower levels of hcg. If you get one that only picks up higher amounts of hcg. You could get a false negative. Good luck!! I know the last few days are a killer!! I remember I have also been through that road. But in Bio tex they will inform, you more. It will be your decision whether to go ahead and test or not.

  9. Jane Drake1 year ago

    I dont get the question. Maybe because I am new in this area, What is POAS? Is it a possibility of a negative false? This is something strange. I cant make sense of this. I hope to find an answer for it. I cant sleep in peace. otherwise.

  10. eilsie1 year ago

    Take your husband in your confidence. IVF is a time taking procedure. I have taken 2 IVF cycles. If you want to succeed in this journey. Make yourself tension free. And don't over think. You have chosen this. It will all go very well. Don't worry.

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