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HI, Hope all of you doing well. I am angry and disappointed today. I am sharing my experience here because of anger. I am a daily visitor of this forum. Everyone here knows me. I am an infertile. My husband and i decided to go for surrogacy. We heard about Adonis clinics. We decided to try our try. We contacted them via email. But they didn't reply us back. We also tried to contact them via phone but no response. They are scams. Days gone when doctors are sincere about their profession. Now they don't give an inch about the patients. We need your valuable suggestions.

  1. Hannah.David7 months ago

    Hey, Emma, I am extremely sorry to hear about your experience with the clinic. It is sad that clinics are behaving in such a manner. Infertility is such a sensitive topic and people who are suffering through it should be treated nicely. I can understand how bad behavior can affect a person. During my journey, I did experience such behavior and can totally relate. However, we cannot generalize on these bases. There still are clinics who care about their patients. You just have to research properly and find them. The clinic I am visiting for my process is definitely one of them. They are excellent at establishing the patient-practitioner relationship. When I started my process and I emailed them they were efficient with replying as well. Things like these do matter. Surrogacy is a costly process and therefore, everyone should make sure to avoid such clinics. If we are paying for a treatment we deserve to be treated nicely. If you need help with anything do let me know but don't lose hope.

  2. Leslie Hanson7 months ago

    This is just sad. I think clinics like these should just stop existing. What's the point of it when you can't help your customers? Giving them a timely and appropriate response is what brings them to you. I think you should contact others as well. Keeping your options open is your best bet. I'm sure you'll end up finding the right one. There are better ones in Ukraine. Some that have the credibility to their name. Surrogacy is a great procedure. I'm sure it'll help you and many who are going through the search of the right clinic. Adonis is definitely a no now.

  3. sarahdavid7 months ago

    Hi, I had a bad experience with this clinic too. These clinics can ruin your life. I and my boyfriend couldn't conceive so we were looking for a good clinic and opted for 'Adonis'. I had a very bad experience with this clinic. The doctor wouldn't show up on time and delayed appointments so I ended up changing my clinic. I got to know about another clinic in Ukraine called BioTexCom. This clinic is quite good and has a nice environment. I went through IVF treatments too but it didn't work for me. I didn't go for the second round and then my doctor suggested me surrogacy. I opted for it and now I have a beautiful baby. I would suggest everyone research about your clinic before going so you don't have to face problems like I did with Adinos.

  4. Maki7 months ago

    This is really sad. I feel really sorry for you Emma. I don't know why clinics like these exist in the first place when they do not even care about their customers. I keep hearing worse and worse things about this particular one. It's a wonder they have not been shut down yet. Clinics like these put other good ones to shame. Hopefully people find better ones. If you are someone who is looking towards finding a decent clinic then the only one i can personally reccommend is BioTexCom. It's the only place i found that was an exception after the amount of research i did on multiple clinics. You should definitely check them out if it's in your interest. Let me know if you have any future questions about them. I've visited them for a fair amount of times for my tests so i have some knowledge regarding it. Hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck with your search.

  5. Boone7 months ago

    Yeah, you are right. Those days really are gone. Now it's just business for everybody. I am really against this. It's not going to be alright at all. I think they deserve a boycott. We should all know what they are doing. They did that to me to my friend. Now the same thing happened to you. What can we say? I think it's enough. Now no one else is going to be a victim. Just try to avoid them.

  6. scarlett99997 months ago

    hello dear. I'm so sorry to hear about this. how sad is this? people referring to themselves as an agency for helping infertile people needs to be so responsible. it is so heartbreaking. I really hope you are fine now. don't lose hope though. there are many other clinics. but good ones. I know of one. since my sister is under surrogacy now. it's Biotexcom in Ukraine. trying searching it up. they will answer all your queries. take care. best of luck. sending you baby dust.

  7. zaviya7 months ago

    Everyone needs to inform others regarding such experiences. It is extremely heartbreaking that infertility clinics are treating their clients in such a manner. This is so stressful. Infertility can be the cause of huge source of stress, anxiety, and depression. About 40% of women with fertility problems were clinically anxious or depressed.

  8. Lina Williams7 months ago

    MCs are worst. People who suffer from these are pretty much distressed and live under depression. My friend was told that she cannot become a mother after hr MC. This mad her life fall apart. But then she was told about surrogacy and that made gave her a new hope. She went to a clinic in Ukraine. They provided her with the best atmosphere. She there had a child through a surrogate mother and now she is living a happy and well-balanced life. Do look out for good clinics before you choose one. I wish you all the best for your future.

  9. LauraPatton7 months ago

    So sorry to hear about it, Emma. Infertility is such a sensitive thing and people don't care about it. These clinics are spam really. Like one in a hundred is good. Doctors nowadays have made their profession a business when they can't even take care of their patients. I don't know how you are coping with it. My sister is also infertile. She is also looking for a clinic. I am also looking for clinics for her and her husband to let this frustration go away. If I find any I'll let you know for sure honey. I hope you find a good clinic. Best of Luck!

  10. Nina ahrichi7 months ago

    I hope you are fine, Good to see that your DH is very much supportive. In your life, you should make the decisions that make you happy. I personally feel that people keep listening to advice from people and not make a good decision for themselves. So make a good decision. If you can afford surrogacy then you must visit a good clinic. There is a clinic in Ukraine that provides really good services. They have very professional and understanding team of doctors. This is told to me by my sister who went there. I can understand it can be very much difficult for you but take a step for you and your future. I will pray to God that you solve your problems.

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