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HI, Hope all of you doing well. I am angry and disappointed today. I am sharing my experience here because of anger. I am a daily visitor of this forum. Everyone here knows me. I am an infertile. My husband and i decided to go for surrogacy. We heard about Adonis clinics. We decided to try our try. We contacted them via email. But they didn't reply us back. We also tried to contact them via phone but no response. They are scams. Days gone when doctors are sincere about their profession. Now they don't give an inch about the patients. We need your valuable suggestions.

  1. lily1210 months ago

    Hi Emma, Hope you are doing well. I am feeling sorry for you. The clinic you were in, was in Europe? There are a number of good clinics. Having good and nice doctors in it. You must go to another clinic. I know bad behaviour affects a person but don't be sad. There are still good people in this world. Don't be mad on these losers. Hope u find a good clinic. And be a mother of a healthy child. Best of luck.

  2. Ada10 months ago

    Emma hello! Hope you are absolutely fine. sorry to hear your experience. These clinics will always waste your time. But don’t you worry. I will recommend you to visit another clinic for this purpose. Its very affordable and good clinic for you. I hope you will not be disappointed after visited it, wish you best of luck dear.

  3. jenifercox0610 months ago

    The best thing in this regard is to ignore them. Never try t contact them. If someone asks then just tell them what they did. This is the best way. In my opinion. I don't know why they did that or whatever. It is very bad. I hope they don't do it with anyone else. Just try to take care of yourself. Try to go for some other opportunity. Forget them. Move forward.

  4. alice9910 months ago

    Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry. For all you went through. They should have treated you better. There still are clinics who care about their patients. You just have to research properly and find them. The clinic I am visiting for my process is definitely one of them. They are excellent at establishing the patient-practitioner relationship. I am opting for surrogacy too. I have got to know about another clinic in Ukraine called BioTexCom. I will go there. Good luck to you.

  5. lidya29 months ago

    How are you doing? I hope things are good at your end. This is truly incredible. The Adonis Clinic has got the worst communication service ever. I have emailed them twice. I hoped to get a reply from them. I hoped that my questions would be answered. I hoped that they would help me out. I hoped that my dream would come true. Sadly, these hopes seem to be fading away. What an awful experience. I am sorry that you had to go through the same. It was just a wastage of time and energy. All those looking for a clinic must not contact this clinic. Stay safe all!

  6. Alana909 months ago

    That's sad. Have you called some other time? Try calling them one more time.
    Or in either case, you could even listen to the reviews over this forum. Even I belong to this forum for so long and since back few days I am hearing this name Adonis and most of them have reported the false things about them. Maybe more things could be confirmed whenever they would answer a call. There were individuals saying that they visited this particular clinic.
    And the services were not up to there expectations. I am worried. If this is actually happening then. Where our world is going. They have to be very trustworthy towards their patients. I just can't imagine contacting them if they have similar services. How could I afford such behavior and the poor services? That the individuals have talked about.

  7. joshien9 months ago

    OH, This is really very bad. I feel extremely sorry for you. Such clinics have lost all their fame. They have got no reputation left. They are simply wasting patient’s time. They don’t bother listening to their problem. Why don’t they understand people trust them a lot when they message them. How easy it is for them to break their trust. They keep on waiting and waiting. Hoping to get a reply from the management. This is just heartbreaking.

  8. Linnea Lopez9 months ago

    Hi. This is Linnea Lopez. Hope you that you’re all fine with good health. I’m 24 years old. I’m infertile. I can contact the Adonis clinic to take treatment. But they didn’t reply us of any single email. Then, we didn’t lose hope and search another good clinic. Now, I’m getting treatment under another clinic. The staff of this clinic are so good. They can help us. I’m satisfied with this treatment and with the couple of days spent I feel recovery in my health. I’m so confident about their work. Everyone can take care of me. This clinic is more attractive then Adonis clinic. I hope that it must be most popular clinic, then the Adonis clinic. Love you all.

  9. Susan559 months ago

    Hi Emma. How are you? I am sad to know about your infertility. IT is really hard to face. Please don't give up due to these clinics. Contact other clinics in Ukraine. They are available. Have your treatment. Relax and concentrate on your issue. Good wishes to you.

  10. Linnea Lopez9 months ago

    Yeah. You're right they are scam. Hi all. Hope you're fine and hava a good health. I'm 24 years old. I'm married before one year ago. I want to share my experience with you. This is so bad experience for me in my life. When, i'm suffering from infertility and doctors told me to get a treatment from clinic. Then, me and my husband search daily new clinics. But we can't find a good clinic. Then, my friends told me that there is Adonis Clinic. I'm feeling very happy. We visit next day this clinic. When, we visited this clinic, this clinic is so dirty and there is no chance of clean the dirtiness. Doctors and the staff of this clinic is so unfriendly and they didn't know how to talk with the patient. No one can here my problem.

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