extra marital affair

i am savita age 45.i am not sexually satisfied with my husband.i want to have sex per husband is not able to satisfy me.

Now i want to have extra marital affair with young boys.As my son is also getting young about 25 year old.i want to make him my boyfriend.

What should i do??

  1. Lovemyson20112 years ago

    You want to make who your boy friend? Your son?

    No. Don't go there.

  2. Shnooflez2 years ago

    It is highly frowned upon to do anything sexual with your son... if you mean you just want to find a younger boyfriend, maybe consider divorcing your husband first. It is highly frowned upon to have sexual or romantic relations with anyone other than your partner without their consent.
    But in the end, do what you wish. Just consider the consequences.

  3. camillenanjala10 months ago

    I am shocked with your comment. How can you make your son your boyfriend? That's incest. It is better to find yourself someone else. But first divorce your husband. Just explai9n it to him that he cannot satisfy. And that you want sex everyday yet he cannot provide that. If he is willing to let you go. Then start the divorce process. If not, then tell him to up his game. It will be bad if you are unfaithful to him. Especially with his own son. That is so bad. It is a curse. How can you sleep with the same person you brought on earth? I am not judging you. Maybe being horny is what brings you there. But never think that action with your own husband. Try other men. We have a lot of people out there. Many single men out there. I am sure you will just get a person who suits you. Do not be afraid to express our feeling. Personally I don't have an issue with women going for younger men. Everyone has their own preference. It you cannot judge me by what I like or not like. So if that is what makes you happy then go for it. All the best dear. I hope it will work out for you.

  4. callisy9 months ago

    Leaving aside the cultural ramifications of incest and taboo, sleeping with any close relative of yours will be disastrous for any offspring you may have. There are genes in our body which remain inactive because there are other genes suppressing them. The suppressing genes(good genes) come from cross breeding, i.e., by mating with people are not closely related to you. Now, mating with relatives will cause such genes to come together, resulting in their expression in the baby. Since these genes are mostly harmful genes, the baby will almost certainly die. Now say you weren't considering having a baby at all, you just wanted to have an affair. That's where the cultural ramifications become important. There are bonds of platonic familial love that hold a group of people together, in the form of a family. The moment these bonds turn sexual, the balance is destroyed. Perversion of these bonds are not something anyone would want, because family is the one thing that will never desert us. Either way, you have been informed. What you do is your own choice. Note that if you proceed with it, you'll lose all respect and standing in your community.

  5. [ deleted account ]9 months ago

    Say what

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