. If I had a baby once, can I be infertile now?

. If I had a baby once, can I be infertile now?

  1. youty0011 year ago

    Yes. Secondary infertility is the name given when the problem arises in a couple who have been able to get pregnant in the past. Sometimes a new factor, such as an infection, has damaged the reproductive organs since the last child was born. Sometimes the aging process makes it more difficult for a couple to conceive, even if they had no problems when they were younger.
    Secondary infertility is even more common than infertility in couples who have never achieved a pregnancy.
    Generally, the diagnosis and treatment is the same. However, couples with secondary infertility may make different treatment choices as they take into account the needs of their other children. Overall, treatments are somewhat more likely to work in women with secondary infertility than in women who have not previously become pregnant with the same partner.
    Couples with secondary infertility may wish to seek emotional support specifically geared to their concerns. These couples often report that they feel caught between two worlds. They feel alienated from those who easily create families of the size they want, while at the same time they are envied by childless people with infertility.
    "My first baby was born at 36 - no problem. I got pregnant the first try. But, three years later, I didn't get pregnant

  2. Mia19841 year ago

    Yes. I endorse the above comment. Infertility is unlike a natural disease. At least that is what most of the cases implies. You get infertile by your choice of lifestyle. That is why you have to make good choices in life. Or else you are rendered not able to reproduce. I presume you have been TTC for the second baby? Did you meet any success? You might wanna seek professional help. And in that case I recommend you Biotex. A fertility clinic in Ukraine to answer all your solutions of the problems. No need for thanks. Love xx

  3. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey there! I hope you're doing fine. Unfortunately, dear, it's a yes to your question. It is called secondary infertility. It's the same as infertility though. Couples then seek help for its treatments. You should go to a doctor immediately. Have tests done so that your infertility can be treated at the initial stage. Good Luck!

  4. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi! Yes, you definitely can be. It's called second infertility. I don't understand the concept behind it but it's quite popular. I have seen many cases like this. I think it's best to get in contact with a few doctors for their opinion. I would also suggest looking into other methods of conception if you really want another child or more. I went with surrogacy so it's the best recommendation I can give. I visited a clinic in Europe for it. It was a great experience for me. I think you can benefit from it too. I wish you all the best. Good luck! Keep us updated.

  5. TheOptimistic1 year ago

    Dear Yashi, this kind of situation is known as secondary infertility. It is a kind of condition in which a couple gets a baby naturally but later they are not able to get pregnant. There can be several reasons for second infertility. Usually, it happens because of the infection in the urinary tract and the reproductive organs. If the circumstances leading to the second infertility are traced at early stages it can be cured. There are several treatments for this problem. If there is permanent infertility then the problem can be resolved through the alternatives of surrogacy and IVF.

  6. Alana901 year ago

    Yes of course! that's actually called secondary infertility.
    Infertility is never concerned about whether you had a baby or not.
    BTW had you been through your test or not?
    Is it confirmed that you have that secondary infertility?
    Because one of my friends had secondary infertility and she just wanted her family to be completed so She had her IVF and now her elder daughter has a loving sibling.
    She is having a quiet fun loving time with her family now. It really feels great whenever I visit her.
    I never felt like he is IVF baby. He is adorable.

  7. TinaK1 year ago

    Hi there hope you are fine. Thanks for posting this threads. These threads are really informative. Sorry to say but the answer to your question is Yes. I agreed with all the comments in the comment section.
    Infertility is very unpredictable and it can happen at any stage.Secondary Infertility shares same causes of primary infertility.Impaired sperm production is one of the main cause of secondary infertility.
    Secondary infertility is very confusing but thanks to Science, there are treatments for secondary infertility.Every couple wished to complete their family but if things didn't work then you can go for these treatments like Surrogacy. It is the hope for infertile couples that this is not the end and thanks God many infertile couples are getting fruits from this treatment. I hope it's just a question but if you are not able to conceive the second time.I will suggest going for Surrogacy. It will surely work for you Cheers

  8. serra1 year ago

    Yes, it is possible. It means you are facing secondary infertility. I am sorry to say this but t is true. It may be because of the age of poor egg quality. My sister was 39 when she ttc but failed. She failed because she was older to give birth to the baby. She decided to go for surrogacy. She went to a renown clinic. Now she has a baby through surrogacy. She is a happy mother. I hope you would take it into consideration too.

  9. melissastan1 year ago

    Hi. Hope you are well. To answer your question, yes it's possible. we call it secondary infertility. It could happen due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, other health conditions affect your fertility. I think you should see a doctor about it. Your doctor will run some tests on you. He will figure the problem out. Sometimes this can be fixed with IUI or IVF. But in some cases, it becomes a risk to carry the child. So people normally consider surrogacy here. Because it's not just a risk for the person but its a risk for the baby too. There are a number of fertility clinics that can help you here. If you decide on any assisted conception technique for yourself, be sure to choose a reliable place for it. Let us know what you decide.

  10. AmyAdams1 year ago

    Well, yes! It can be. Because there are various ways. of it. Have you been to an obs? What's the reason for your infertility? It's usually related to secondary infertility. So, yeah! Hope you find a way out

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