In need of a Friend

Hi . My name is Monique. I recently moved and I don't have any friends . I'm a stay home mom of 3 and at times I feel really lonely. Im shy so that makes it even harder to find friends. Would love to have friends before I drive myself crazy

  1. Lena R.1 year ago

    idk how far holiday is from where im at in tamp fl but you can add me , we can do play date or mommies day out if you want sometimes!!? im shy too but i warm up after a while :)

  2. Perfect*Square*Pattern1 year ago

    Hi, Monique. I'm feeling the same way. I'm married with kids; and, at times I feel like I've outgrown my friends. Or, maybe we just have different interests now.

  3. JennaBea1 year ago

    Hi Monique. How are you ?

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