IVF Confidentiality

At first I had issues with confidentiality but my agency helped me put this fear to bed. Confidentiality helps a lot of people come out of the shadows as far as infertility is concerned. While it might be a normal condition, the society has a harsh outlook at this condition. Nobody had to know about the procedure apart from the people involved. My mother had raised an alarm about our inability to have a kid but all that was forgotten once Jason joined the family. Until now, only me, my husband, the fertility clinic, and our sperm donor know about our son. I’d like to thank IVF clinics for their confidentiality.

  1. lejla11 year ago

    Yes, I agree with you. The clinic in Ukraine where I was is great. No one knows what hapened. I was blessed with my baby and no other knows how. Good bless them. They are a team of experts. I am glad that you are also happy with that solution. Women shouldn't be afraid of this.

  2. Neha51 year ago

    written consent is required t for:
    Using your gametes for treatment, donation or storage.
    Creating embryos in vitro and storing them.
    Using your gametes/embryos in the event of your death or mental/physical incapacity.
    Transferring your gametes/embryos to another clinic.
    If they do not hold your relevant consents, the clinics cannot use or store your gametes/embryos and they will be allowed to perish.
    It is essential that you understand your fertility problem, the proposed treatment, your chances of success, implications and side effects, alternative treatment options and ethical and legal issues related to your fertility treatment.

  3. alvinlees8051 year ago

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  4. melissastan11 months ago

    Hey, Wendy. Congratulation on the birth of your son. I completely agree with you. Confidentiality is very important. Infertility is a very common problem. But the people just have to be harsh. They can make you feel so bad. Another thing I hate is sympathy. Nobody wants sympathy. So it is better to keep it a secret. But nobody should be ashamed of it. The clinic I chose for my surrogacy took care of my confidentiality too. One should always choose a reliable place like this. I'm so glad things have worked out for you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Good luck parenting.

  5. Leslie Hanson11 months ago

    Hi there, Wendy. I hope you are well! Praying that your son is healthy and full of joy. Your post was an interesting read. You're completely right. No one wants anyone judging them off too quickly. It's so nice of clinics to maintain confidentiality in these matters. Or any matters actually. I got my uterus removed due to cancerous polyps and went the surrogacy route. I'm glad it was just a few of my family members knew until the procedure was done. Once you get your baby, nothing else matters. And it shouldn't. Not everyone is able to conceive naturally. I'm so glad treatments and options like surrogacy and IVF exist today. Wishing everyone opting for this good luck! Love.

  6. annabelle98711 months ago

    Yes Wendy, No need to tell the whole world. It should be confidential. This must be your personal issue. When you involve so many people in your decision. problems are created. Everyone gives his/her own opinion. When I took a decision about my surrogacy, only my husband knew it. Now, we are going to Ukraine for our surrogacy and no one knows. Will show to the world when getting the positive results.

  7. Hannah.David11 months ago

    I am glad that your IVF turned out to be a successful one.I feel like confidentiality is an extremely important component. One that needs to be recognised by all of the clinics. The clinic I am visiting also assures this and that is why I am so much at ease. I think that every person has a right to their decisions and whether they want them to be private or public. So I guess in order to avoid any sort of interference from someone you don't want to be a saying it is essentially important. For surrogacy, I was glad they had confidentiality as I don't want anyone to know my decision on how to have a baby. As I don't like when people pass comments and give their irrelevant opinion.

  8. rebecca1210 months ago

    Hey there Wendy! I hope you're doing fine. Congratulations on the birth of your little boy. May he has a life full of health and happiness. I completely agree with you, dear. Confidentiality is essential. One has its own reasons to keep these things private. I also had a reason. My family is very conservative. They frown upon these modern methods of having a baby. Which is terrible, I know. When I was declared infertile, my world had ended. I was so depressed that I was ill for quite a while. My husband was very worried. He came up with the idea of an IVF treatment. I was so afraid, I was afraid that if my family came to know about it, they'll disown me. But then my husband made me understand that when he's there with me, I should not worry. So we eventually had the IVF and I was pregnant. It felt like a natural pregnancy and no one came to know about it. It was a good experience though.

  9. Mezee10 months ago

    I completely agree with your statement. I myself went through the procedure and God bless that clinic who keep the whole procedure between us. Confidentiality is really up to the mark. What they commit they act on it. Infertility is a common issue these days so stop stressing yourself. Surely confidentiality requires in many matters so this is even one of those. Last year my husband and I went into the treatment. We kept surrogacy in confidentiality throughout the process and same our clinic do so. Happy to read about this matter and love to discuss it as I think these are the few queries that every couple has in their mind before going for surrogacy. It was a great experience for us and hope it will be same for you too.

  10. DiannaViktor10 months ago

    Well, yes! That's really a needed and great thing overall. So, yeah! Last year my cousin sister also has had her procedure at a center in Ukraine. She had a baby girl through it! They signed everything before...I mean it was really great for her. Everything was kept private! It's totally fine...I guess so.

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