Pregnant at 37 & Alone

Hi all

I recently found out I was pregnant but the father who I've only been with a year doesn't seem interested, he is very controlling. I have a teenager and a 10 year old but feel very alone. don't have many friends and sometimes feel I have no support. Everyone pressuring me to get rid as my age and the fact it's baby number 3 ....... need to find a support group, any ideas?

  1. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi! It's definitely smart of you to reach out on here.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this tough time. Life isn't fair for many. However, one should not let it get to them. You have 3 great blessings with you. I'd suggest trying to spend more time with them and do activities that engage you all together!

  2. Mama Osa1 year ago

    Hi sweetheart,

    I just read this post. I'm new on this. By this time, I just want to ask you how do you feel?

  3. joshien1 year ago

    Thank you for the post cause I was Just wondering what mummies do when they don't have a support network? I have 3 girls. 14 yr old,a 11 yr old and a 6month old. I've had depression with each child. This time its different. I get so upset and angry at the drop of a hat, for the most stupid or simplest of things. And I get so ashamed of my self for it. My 6 month old is horrible when it comes to getting her to sleep,and she doesn't get enough at day time. Sleeps right through the night though.she will wake,but self day is just horrible. I just end up crying. I've asked for help,but this town is pathetic for stuff like this. I don't have friends or even family to help. How do other mums cope?

  4. lidya21 year ago

    Hi there, in my opinion, Maybe if you allow the third child to enter the world. Who knows you might find joy? When the baby will keep you busy. And please. Overlook these ages. I'm 34, 35 or 40... pregnant. You are human. Not numbers. Treat yourself nicely. Have a good life, lady. If you feel that your feelings may not be normal maybe your instincts are telling you to look into it further? Even if it turns out to be completely normal it wouldn't hurt to have a chat to a professional because if you had depression in previous pregnancies there would be plenty of other things they'd look at too. Good luck hun. xx

  5. Linnea Lopez1 year ago

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  6. lily11 year ago

    Hi there, hope you are feeling better now. I know it must be hard for you. But don't feel alone at all. We are all like a family on this forum. We are here for you. I hope everything goes as planned. Thanks for asking. Best of luck.

  7. Gomez1 year ago

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  8. bella suza1 year ago

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  9. noreenwawuda1 year ago

    Pregnancy is supposed to be this wonderful period when a woman grows gradually into motherhood. Surrounded by similarly pregnant friends and wise old relatives who have been there, done that. For the luckiest pregnant women, that camaraderie is exactly what pregnancy. Not to mention birth and parenting is all about. For the rest of us, pregnancy and everything that follows can actually be kind of lonely. If you’re pregnant and lonely, you should know that loneliness during pregnancy is actually not unusual. The first woman in a group of friends to procreate may find herself not only unable to share what she’s going through with her besties. But also an object suddenly worthy of study. A soon-to-be mama with mostly guy friends can feel this even more acutely. And even if a woman has pregnant friends. Her pregnancy may be so different from theirs that she feels effectively isolated. After all, even a normal nine months can be stressful! It can be really hard to meet moms (to be) who are facing the same issues. So perhaps you might consider seeing a counsellor.

  10. Laura0111 months ago

    I am so sorry to hear your depressing story. I can understand your situation. You need a lot of support this time. But I don't know why your husband is behaving like that. He should be happy that you are gonna have your 3rd baby. Believe me, you are so lucky that you conceived naturally. I would suggest you not to take the stress. It is not good for you and the baby. Everything will be fine with the passage of time. Good luck.

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