Pregnant at 37 & Alone

Hi all

I recently found out I was pregnant but the father who I've only been with a year doesn't seem interested, he is very controlling. I have a teenager and a 10 year old but feel very alone. don't have many friends and sometimes feel I have no support. Everyone pressuring me to get rid as my age and the fact it's baby number 3 ....... need to find a support group, any ideas?

  1. Clara Parker11 months ago

    Hi Emma. I am really sorry to hear what you are undergoing. Normally, one doesn't feel that much lonely around kids. And you have two. But since you mentioned their age. I can understand they won't be much of a company to you. The teenagers nowadays don't value parents. And the 10 y/o are also prone to independence. May be you allow the third child to enter the world. Who knows you might find joy? When the baby will keep you busy. And please. Overlook these ages. I'm 34, 35 or 40... pregnant. You are human. Not numbers. Treat yourself nicely. Have a good life, lady. xx

  2. Jhatiere7 months ago

    Same her. I'm 23 but my fiance just is not as excited about this baby as the last two...I feel myself keeping big moments like the baby's first kicks and my pregnancy aches and pains to myself because I'm not receiving any empathy or sympathy. Please, feel free to message me whenever...I know I'm a stranger but I"m a really good listener and would love to be any help if I can. I"m around 8 moth and I haven't been to the obgyn yet. It just feels like one more thing I can't handle by myself.

  3. Evie12 weeks ago

    Look, it is your decision. Don't let anyone pressure you into it. If you want to keep it, keep it! It's your baby, honey! Best of luck to you with whatever you decide. You can talk to your partner about it. That could help you, more!

  4. Railee2 weeks ago

    Hey, Emma. I hope you're okay. First of all, congratulations to you. Secondly, this is great news. I'm so happy for you. Look, you have to be sure about it. Do you want to have a baby? If yes, then go for it! Your partner is being unreasonable if you want to keep it! So, talk him into it. Let him know, you're getting it! Best of luck to you! If you decide against it, then remember, this early, there's nothing wrong with getting an abortion. Your age is fine as well, 37 is not old at all! It really is your decision, hun!

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