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Hi, everyone. Hope all of you are in good health. I'm so angry, today. I'm creating this post out of sheer anger. It's honestly crazy how much advantage people take of you. Gone are the days when companies and people actually tried helping. As you all may recognize me from this forum. I've been trying to get a surrogate. I heard about some good clinics in Ukraine. I wanted to search before I went. So, I came across this clinic named Adonis. They are a scam, guys! They don't reply. They simply do not care if you are someone in need. I'm really desperate to find a good clinic. Can someone suggest me something?

  1. Jade29 months ago

    Hey, honey. How are you? I hope you're doing okay. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. Don't lose hope, though. I have no idea where you read about this clinic. I have only heard about one clinic in Ukraine. That's BioTexCom. I am currently in contact with them. I will undergo the process of surrogacy with them very soon. They've been the exact opposite of what you've said. They've even contributed to my costs of living in Ukraine! Why don't you check them out? I'm sure it'll change your opinion of the clinic. Good luck!

  2. Robin James9 months ago

    Hello Jade. Thank you for replying. I've been really worried. I've been saving for a couple of years, now. And, I'm sure you can relate to the struggles of TTC. It's been a mess. So, you have a first-hand experience with this lot? That's encouraging to see. I will definitely check them out. I'm a bit skeptical but you actually visited them, as well. That's really amazing. I'll check their website out. Hopefully, they offer affordable rates. This means an awful lot! You've really helped me out.

  3. Jade29 months ago

    Anytime, Robin. We're all a big family here. It's important to help each other out. It's general reciprocity. No need for thank yous, haha. Feel free to ask any question regarding the clinic. I'll be happy to help. Although, you won't need my help. That's because they have everything on their website. Their customer support staff is also very good. I hope this works out for you. Surrogacy is definitely the best solution. Good luck to you. My prayers are with you. Lots of love and baby dust your way.

  4. Leslie Hanson9 months ago

    Wow! This is so sad to hear. I've been reading a few comments from people lately about this. It's becoming a big problem. It's sad to see clinics not replying efficiently to their potential customers. This is no way to deal with them. These people are already so worried as it is. I think you should keep looking for better clinics. They are definitely out there. Wishing you all the best of luck!

  5. Sofia19949 months ago

    Look for a good surrogate. Try to contact a good clinic with good services of surrogacy. I know some clinics which have good services regarding surrogacy and surrogates. The clinic is very popular regarding its surrogacy. Surrogates are amazing women. I have huge respect for these ladies. They give the best happiness to a couple which no one can think of. Surrogates are a blessing to infertile couples. i am also infertile. I have contacted a clinic. The clinic has itself many surrogates. But they are looking for a good surrogate for our child. Surrogacy is getting very popular today. Many people are going for surrogacy to fulfill their dream of having a baby.
    I think it will be a great experience for me.

  6. jenny5889 months ago

    This is so terrible. I feel bad for you. Why are they doing this? This is so unfair. Don't they realize that people are in so much trouble? They are facing so many difficulties. These clinics are their last hopes. If they will be betrayed so badly, they will stop trusting clinics. I am extremely sad to know about Adonis clinic. I have been reading a few posts lately about it. Honestly, it is very wrong. You should be very careful, dear. There are many reputable clinics that you can go to. Like biotexcom is really good. My friend had her surrogacy from there. Try visiting there. I am sure you will not regret your decision. Good luck with your journey. Much love for you.

  7. adele1239 months ago

    You are very right. I also tried to contact this clinic. But they left me in disappointment. I know there are many people like me and you. We trusted them. And this is what we got. I regret that I chose that clinic. They do not care for people. They think it is just a business. They don't understand that people's lives are involved. How important these treatments are for people, they have no idea. I wish that someone takes action against them. They need to be taught a lesson. I am sure many like me would support this thing. We need to be more careful from now on.

  8. alana559 months ago

    I am so sorry, sweetie. You had to face so much trouble. I know that these clinics have caused a lot of problems for people. Adonis is one of them. I am currently gathering some posts and reviews from people. Then I am gonna expose them. I am sure they'll be caught one day. This is so bad. They play with the feelings of people. But don't worry. We'll surely do something about it. You just need to be careful now. Try to read reviews and talk to experienced people before choosing a clinic. I am sure that would help you. You'll be able to make a wise decision then. Good luck to you. I hope you understand me. Stay strong and happy.

  9. LauraPatton8 months ago

    Oh my God I'm so sorry to hear that! you know I had a similar experience with the clinic adonis. They do not help at all. I tried getting with that clinic too a couple months ago. they did not reply or attend any emails. So. I was following these websites just like you looking for the surrogacy and people told me about BioTexCom in Ukraine. I heard Ukraine was a good place to get it done as well so I started researching more. So Bio Tex Com clinic was so supportive throughout the procedure; before and after. I got it done pretty well! So. I would suggest you this clinic! GoodLuck

  10. Hannah.David8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this information, Robin. I am actually worried for all those patients who are opting for this clinic. It is extremely disappointing! So many people have been sharing this information with me. I am honestly scared. All my family members know that I have opted for surrogacy, therefore, they keep reporting me about these experiences. Luckily the clinic I am visiting is amazing and they know how to treat their patients. So I have to keep telling that to my family.

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