Why is surrogacy still such a controversial subject? I have been doing my research on this topic. I talked to some people who are fertile and have no problem in having children. Most of their reviews were negative about this. They said it was too controversial and risky. I agree it is risky. But controversial, still? I don't think so. It is 2018 people. I guess they don't see it through the eyes of the people who cant have children naturally. They don't know what we go through. So many people even discourage it. If you are not a supporter, fine. But at least don't discourage it. It is benefitting so many people in this world. So many clinics have opened that are doing this for people on comparatively lower costs. I had my son through surrogacy too. I went to Ukraine for it. I really wanted to spread awareness about this topic. I'd really like to hear your views about this,

  1. Boone1 year ago

    Some people do give controversial reviews about surrogacy. I really don't think like that. They really don't know what they are up to. If they have any kind of idea that what this really is then they won't say like that. I think we should never think about those people opinions. That just doesn't matter. It's really not cool at all. I am an infertile woman. I know what its to be infertile. I am totally in a support of surrogacy. I like this method to it's best. I know what are its benefits. How this method helps others. It's helpful to me and I want to recommend it to others as well.

  2. alexasmith1 year ago

    Hello! I hope you are doing fine. I totally agree with you. After several attempts, I was also unable to conceive. Then I was introduced to surrogacy by a friend of mine. At first, me and my husband were reluctant to follow the program. We were misled by a lot of people. They even tried to discourage us from stating it unethical. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now I am the mother of a beautiful two-year-old boy. I wish that everyone gets blessed with children. Love.

  3. ella2321 year ago

    Hey, everyone! What a coincidence!I've also been to one of the Ukrainian clinics.I must tell you it's the best one.I found it with a lot difficulty.But I got the fruit of my hard work.I'm currently conceiving a child through IVF.And it's all because of my clinic.All the doctors are so supportive.If some of you can't go check it out.Good Luck

  4. melissastan1 year ago

    Hello, everyone. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I got when I saw this. Thank you so much to you all for reading and commenting on my post. I'm so glad you all agree with me. I really didn't think I would get so many comments and supporters here. It is nice to know there are people who like the idea of surrogacy. Yesterday, I came across an article. It was about how unethical surrogacy can be. Do they not know that it is done with the surrogate's consent? That is such a stupid thing to say. They are helping people in making their dream come true. If anything, it is a very noble job. The clinic I went to for my surrogacy is really helping people rather than just making money. They are providing more opportunities and better chances with lower costs. The world is progressing. It is about time we end all the negativity there is about this concept.

  5. Sara Taylor1 year ago

    You are right. I second you. People are saying this controversial because even the fertile couples are opting for it. I mean why?? Why they are going for surrogacy when they can have the baby. I think the elite class has made surrogacy controversial. Otherwise, it is a blessing for the infertile couples. Clinics should make sure to give the treatment who need this badly.

  6. Robin James1 year ago

    Hello Melissa. How are you doing? I completely agree with you. Surrogacy is still considered a taboo subject, while it continues to change the lives of many people. It's about time people stop thinking of it as a negative. People need to start supporting surrogates and stop shaming people who opt for it. Infertility can lead to depression or even worse, death!

  7. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Surrogacy indeed is a controversial topic which a lot of people refuse to even give a thought about. However, my perspective about the process changed when I actually visited the clinic. I saw soo many parents getting emotional about finally becoming a mother and a father. The smiles on their faces and on the surrogate for giving the happiness would always tear me up. I think a lot of the responsibility of it being considered an issue is due to some few examples that have ruined its reputation. When I decided that surrogacy was indeed the process that I wanted to go for. A lot of people told me that I should think something else. As there were a lot of legal concerns regarding the issue. However, I think if you visit the right clinic and do your proper research then everything would be okay. As now when I am going to a clinic for my own process. I am soo much satisfied and at ease. Since everything is under strict laws and regulations. The rights of the child are also recognised and the parents are given the legal documentation of the baby. So I think people first should research and then speak about. I think it is amazing how it is such a helpful procedure and I don't see anything bad about it.

  8. serra1 year ago

    I agree with you. People think that it is immoral and unethical. the say that how could someone take a baby from its mother. I would love to say that the surrogates are not forced to give birth. They do so for themselves. I have a daughter through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a good process to carry out. I met a lot of surrogates in the clinic. I asked one of them why she is doing it. She answered that she wants money for the renovation of her house. Surrogacy is helpful for the people who cannot conceive and also the surrogates. The babies are the precious gift surrogate can give to the couple. I am happy that I am blessed with a baby. I cannot thank them enough who supported me. I would appreciate those who give positive feedback.

  9. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi Melissa! I hope you're doing well. I think it's great you're trying to get people more aware about this. It really shouldn't be this controversial. I hate that it is. Similar to you, I too got my daughter through surrogacy. It was a great experience for me. Insane. I have no uterus. I had no choice to get children other than through adoption or surrogacy. At least with surrogacy, you get a genetic link, which DH and I wanted. We also went to Ukraine. The clinic was so great and understanding of our needs. I hope surrogacy stops being something people discourage soon. Wishing everyone the best of luck with it!

  10. emily2941 year ago

    Hello everyone, I just read all posts and finalized that no doubt it is a bitter reality that surrogacy is not considered good.
    But the thing is that do those couples also feel bad about surrogacy who are infertile? The answer will be a big No.
    Any infertile couple if they would be provided with surrogacy pros and cons then I think they will absolutely go for it.
    The common problem is actually the lack of knowledge.
    Any infertile couple unless and untill they would not be given proper information, they will keep on considering surrogacy a wrong act.
    But when they are fully informed of it, they will feel no bad to go through this.
    The same story is mine.
    I am 32 years old.
    I have a heart disease due to which I could not have a baby of my own.
    Me and my husband already know about surrogacy a little bit but as I said previously we don't have enough knowledge that's why we considered it wrong.
    Thus, at first we try to have our own baby but doctor warned me that if you will not avoid pregnancy then your health condition related to heart will be out of control.
    Then finally, I asked my husband that why don't we go for surrogacy. We searched many clinics on the Internet but were not sure about their success level.
    Our close friend told us about Biotex clinic that they provide best surrogacy treatment at nominal rate.
    Hence, we go to Biotex clinic and their information manager was so polite enough to give us hope that we should not lose heart and we will have our own baby soon.
    Thus, at Biotex clinic, me and my husband decided to go for surrogacy through Biotex clinic and now we are happy with our decision, no matter what other people think about it.

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