Why is surrogacy still such a controversial subject? I have been doing my research on this topic. I talked to some people who are fertile and have no problem in having children. Most of their reviews were negative about this. They said it was too controversial and risky. I agree it is risky. But controversial, still? I don't think so. It is 2018 people. I guess they don't see it through the eyes of the people who cant have children naturally. They don't know what we go through. So many people even discourage it. If you are not a supporter, fine. But at least don't discourage it. It is benefitting so many people in this world. So many clinics have opened that are doing this for people on comparatively lower costs. I had my son through surrogacy too. I went to Ukraine for it. I really wanted to spread awareness about this topic. I'd really like to hear your views about this,

  1. emily2941 year ago

    Hey melissa, How are you? I am really convinced about your point. Surrogacy should not remain a controversial topic now. As the world has done so much development now. People should be given awareness about this. Because many ladies who are unaware of it or thinks negative about surrogacy, they spend their whole life without kids. So it is the need of this era that surrogacy should get common everywhere.

  2. kristiene1 year ago

    You are right. People do talk about this topic but always in a negative way. couples with children do not know the pain of infertile couple. having a baby is such a great blessing. and surrogacy is a process which helps in getting this blessing. I bolster you in this issue. I don't know why individuals are so narrow-minded. For what reason do individuals think about themselves as it were? Individuals don't show at least a bit of kindness, possibly. They imagine that if individuals are going for surrogacy, they are settling on a wrong decision. I totally can't help contradicting this. Individuals who can't consider normally experience so much agony I never understood this I came to realize that I am likewise fruitless. I had completely overlooked how to survive any longer. I lost every one of my expectations. It felt like my reality has fallen. Until the point when one day I made an exploration of surrogacy. This procedure manufactured expectation for me.

  3. Boone1 year ago

    Actually, those people don't even know what it is and what it's meaning is about. They just never faced infertility. They don't know how it affects the lives of people. It's just so hard for them to believe that someone else is happy in the world besides them. Well, to hell with such a people. One day they'll understand the importance of this treatment method. This is my belief. I guess someday it's going to be.

  4. Ada1 year ago

    melissastan it is a wide topic. scientist and doctors really make hard to cover it. this is because it belongs to reproduction. Life begins with reproduction. This world is continuing its custom. This is becoming wider due to our comfortable environment. Now we don’t try hard work. Just sit on the chair in homes and offices.

  5. Alana901 year ago

    Hey! You must be talking about the individuals who have the baby of their own or could conceive.
    They are way far from all such tough times. They conceived, had their baby. Fine!
    But what about the individuals who are struggles all their life to conceive and they ended up on nothing. I would suggest all of them to get into their shoes and walk the life they are living.
    I don’t find any sort of negative in this. That is not any false desire. This is something that every individual dreamt of.
    Even I would say. An individual who agrees to carry other individual’s child has more sense of caring and incompleteness. They try to fill that empty space in others life. What might be better than this?
    I’ve been there. I’ve experienced the entire struggle and noticed everything so closely that I can imagine how it feels when we came across such narrow-minded thoughts.
    I am about to start this treatment and I’ve no shame saying this. I don’t want to live my whole life with this emptiness.
    I am looking forward to this.
    Good luck to those who are considering this.

  6. sandra king1 year ago

    Exactly, I don't get it why is a controversial topic? It is a very simple way to help a couple. It spreads bundles of joy around. How can it be something wrong?I agree there are some complications and legalities. But after going through legal formalities this can be a blessing in disguise. We are living in such an advanced world. Then why not accept these changes with open arms too?

  7. eilsie1 year ago

    Hello there! Expectation you are fine. Simply expected to reveal to you that barrenness is a reason for discouragement however you can conquer it by having a youngster through surrogacy. In spite of the fact that it is prohibited in a few nations yet in Europe, it isn't, so you can attempt that. They have an incredible situation and air. They have encountered individuals who can help you. Good luck with your choice

  8. emma2281 year ago

    Hey. I am totally agreed with you. People think that it is immoral and Illegal. They say that how someone else could take our baby. I would love to say that the surrogates are not forced to give birth. They do so for themselves. I have a daughter through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a good process for those who can't conceive. I met a lot of surrogates in the clinic. I asked one of them why she is doing it. She answered that she wants money for her children as she had some family problems. Surrogacy is helpful for the people who cannot conceive and also for the surrogates. The babies are the precious gift surrogate can give to the couple. I am happy that I am blessed with a baby. I cannot thank them enough who supported me. I would appreciate those who give positive feedback regarding Surrogacy.

  9. milana31 year ago

    I concur with you. Individuals surmise that it is improper and unethical. they say that how might somebody take an infant from its mom. I would love to state that the surrogates are not compelled to conceive an offspring. They do as such for themselves. I have a baby through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a decent procedure to do. I met a considerable measure of surrogates in the facility. I asked one of them for what good reason she is doing it. She addressed that she needs cash for the remodels of her home. Surrogacy is useful for the general population who can't imagine and furthermore the surrogates. The infants are the valuable blessing surrogate can provide for the couple. I am glad that I am honoured with an infant. I can't express gratitude for them enough who supported me. I would welcome the individuals who give positive input.

  10. Natty11 year ago

    I don't understand it, too. What harm has surrogacy done? It didn't force surrogate mothers to become surrogates. It didn't destroy anyone's life. Instead, it gave life. It gives new life to not only the baby, but to the IPs as well. I'm so glad it exists. Ignore the haters.

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