Why is surrogacy still such a controversial subject? I have been doing my research on this topic. I talked to some people who are fertile and have no problem in having children. Most of their reviews were negative about this. They said it was too controversial and risky. I agree it is risky. But controversial, still? I don't think so. It is 2018 people. I guess they don't see it through the eyes of the people who cant have children naturally. They don't know what we go through. So many people even discourage it. If you are not a supporter, fine. But at least don't discourage it. It is benefitting so many people in this world. So many clinics have opened that are doing this for people on comparatively lower costs. I had my son through surrogacy too. I went to Ukraine for it. I really wanted to spread awareness about this topic. I'd really like to hear your views about this,

  1. olivia291 year ago

    I agree. Surrogacy has become more and more controversial with time. Instead of people trying to make sure that they opt for a process like surrogacy more, they are moving away from it. There are people, families and couples who have to got through this together while keeping it hidden. Only coming out when the child is born. It should not be a Taboo anymore. Because i personally thing surrogacy is the ideal option for a couple struggling through their pregnancy. It is a process which has and an help so many couples out there, who are willing to have a child. People tend to find it hard to find a clinic in their local areas. But in many European countries it easier to find a surrogate. The best part is that there are clinics and doctors who offer full support through this process. And surrogates have become more common, although in some areas they are in hiding, but they are still there. Clinics like BioTexCom are really good at what they do. It is located in Ukraine. But I have had a few friends who went to them and they have helped them find a surrogate mom. And the best part is that, BioTexCoM helps their clients find a trustworthy and a good surrogate.

  2. Maki1 year ago

    Hey Melissa, I fully agree with you. Surrogacy is not something that should be banned anywhere. It spreads happiness around the world in the form of children. People seem to forget that there has to be a 2-way agreement in order for the process to go through. Instead, they think of it as a burden for the mother to bear the children then to give them away. It's a sad thing for people to imagine. Hopefully they learn to listen to the facts.

  3. hannahgr1 year ago

    Surrogacy is indeed a controversial topic. Many people are facing controversies. But on the other hand, it is helpful as well. Only those people can understand it who have gone through the pain of infertility. There are many good surrogacy clinics in Europe where it can be done. Such clinics help the surrogate mothers as well as couples. A friend of mine went there for surrogacy to have children. I was curious about the results as after facing many controversies, she opted for it. It luckily ended in affirmative results. So one should never lose hope. Hope for the best and remain positive. I admit that there can be complications depending upon the situation. What we can do is try from our side. The results depend on fate. Faith and hope should always be kept strong in such situations.

  4. zianarose1 year ago

    hi, @melissastanMar 15 hope so you are doing great. I would really like to appreciate that you deal with your infertility in such a positive way. So proud of you! People have to understand this that nowadays infertility is not a problem. Many solutions are available. My sister went for surrogacy and blessed with a baby girl. She went to Europe. There are best clinics which provide treatment. The thing is that one should not lose hope. Stay positive. Stay away from negativity. Keep smiling. Things get better slowly. You just have to deal with the situation calmly. Take care. Stay blessed. Lots of love.

  5. zianarose1 year ago

    hi, @melissistan hope so you are doing great. I appreciate you. This is a great post indeed. People have to understand this that it's not important to hurt others. If someone is unable to conceive naturally. Instead of speaking bad . Understand there pain . Surrogacy is a great solution. In Europe, there are best clinics which provide you treatment. My sister has undergone surrogacy . Now she is blessed with a baby girl . Everything is possible. You just have to stay away from negative people. Those who don't have good things to speak. Stay positive. Keep smiling. Hope for the best.

  6. emmajoe1 year ago

    Emma is here! Best greetings, trust so you are doing incredible. I value you. This is an extraordinary post in reality. Individuals need to comprehend this that it's not imperative to hurt others. In the event that somebody can't imagine normally. Rather than talking awful . Comprehend there torment . Surrogacy is an extraordinary arrangement. In Europe, there are best centers which give you treatment. My sister has experienced surrogacy . Presently she is honored with an infant young lady . Everything is conceivable. You simply need to avoid contrary individuals. The individuals who don't have great things to talk. Remain positive. Continue grinning. Seek after the best. BioTex was always my consideration :)

  7. emmajoe1 year ago

    Hello there, Emma is here, Its the trust so you are doing extraordinary. Almost certainly IVF is a decent technique. Yet, it is additionally extremely tiring. The achievement rate is less and the procedure is tedious and costly. A few people get the outcome after the principal cycle. Be that as it may, some need to attempt once more. The outcome can't be summed up to everybody. I suspect as much you ought to counsel a specialist. He will enable you to out betterly. Try not to take the pressure. All will be well. Remain positive. Fare thee well. Wish you good luck ahead must consider the BioTex in Ukraine. :)

  8. joshien1 year ago

    hey there, you raised a really good point. some countries do not allow surrogacy. It is because of the religious and legal implications. In some countries, they believe that surrogacy brings a mental trauma for the surrogate. After carrying the baby for nine months she gets bonded in a strong bond. This becomes really difficult to separate from the baby. In some countries, the cultural taboos don't allow a woman to carry the sperms of a man she is not married to. The same proposition is supported by the religious people.

  9. emmajoe1 year ago

    Hi emma here, I trust so you are doing incredible. I might truly want to welcome that you manage your barrenness in such a positive way. So pleased with you! Individuals need to comprehend this that these days barrenness isn't an issue. Numerous arrangements are accessible. My sister went for surrogacy and favored with an infant young lady. She went to Europe. There are best centers which give treatment. The thing is that one ought not lose trust. Remain positive. Avoid cynicism. Continue grinning. Things show signs of improvement gradually. You simply need to manage the circumstance serenely. Fare thee well. Remain favored. Loads of affection. :)

  10. RhondaJet1 year ago

    Hi Mellissa. How are you doing? I am so glad to see this post. this is really great. I know how great surrogacy is. I have had it too from Ukraine. I am so glad that people are trying to raise awareness about it. We all should do it. The more people learn about it the more they'll accept it. I wish everyone good luck. take care. Loce and support to all.

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