Why is surrogacy still such a controversial subject? I have been doing my research on this topic. I talked to some people who are fertile and have no problem in having children. Most of their reviews were negative about this. They said it was too controversial and risky. I agree it is risky. But controversial, still? I don't think so. It is 2018 people. I guess they don't see it through the eyes of the people who cant have children naturally. They don't know what we go through. So many people even discourage it. If you are not a supporter, fine. But at least don't discourage it. It is benefitting so many people in this world. So many clinics have opened that are doing this for people on comparatively lower costs. I had my son through surrogacy too. I went to Ukraine for it. I really wanted to spread awareness about this topic. I'd really like to hear your views about this,

  1. SofiaC 1 week ago

    Hi, Nice to see your post. You shared information. That is well-shared knowledge of one thing maybe that can help other. That is good for the person who never experiences surrogacy. Who doesn’t even have an idea that how much good that is? Surrogacy really good infertility treatment. It is hope for those parents who are infertile. Surrogate mother also important for that treatment we should respect for there. I am also infertile I want to share my experience may be that can help someone. I face miscarriage when I was 23 years old. I was depressed and disappointed because of miscarriage. That is the really worse loss of unborn baby than we have not babied. My friend guided me about surrogacy. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies.Now I am very happy. Surrogacy is really hoped for intended parents some people have the negative point of view about that but they should think about infertile. Thanks for your positive review.

  2. Olivia_19901 week ago

    Hey! I love how you chose such an argumentable topic for the discussion. I loved reading most of the comment. We must be welcoming to different views and opinions. But I want to share my story; why I don't find surrogacy as a helpful and selfless act which creates a beautiful bond between many human beings. I have had my uterus removed. After I got my baby through IUI, I suffered from cancerous polyps. I was devastated after my doctor told me they will have to remove my uterus. I could not think straight. I wanted to choose death than getting my uterus removed. My husband was really supportive of that time, he ensured that we would adopt a baby and complete our family. When I went through my hysterectomy, I just became hopeless. I did not know what I have left to do with my life now. Luckily, I met my cousin after many years and she shared her experience with surrogacy. Surrogacy was really new to me at that time. She told me about a clinic in Europe. After few visits, I used to be really curious to know more about surrogacy and eagerly wait for my next session. I have selected a surrogate mother now. Our process will begin soon. So I am really looking forward to having my second child.

  3. niya1 week ago

    You are right. Surrogacy is still a controversial topic and there is a lot of negativity surrounding this subject. Unfortunately, people don’t really know what surrogacy is or are not aware of it completely. Surrogacy is a beautiful process in my opinion . IVF is also a blessing. After being diagnosed with infertility and I went for IVF. First was a failure but now luckily I am pregnant again. I had to face a lot of negativity and harsh words. Unfortunately, people will always degrade what they don’t understand just to make themselves feels superior. Everyone deserves to be happy and to be a parent.

  4. EmilyBaker1 week ago

    Surrogacy is a difficult decision. There are a lot of risks involved. But those risks you have to take to move forward. There are many negative views about it. Some people say that it is not natural. Babies being born by someone else for a couple is unnatural. But those people forget that for some people, surrogacy is the only way. They go through long hard times of infertility. They go through all the options available. They spend so much time and money on it. In the end, they have no hope. Surrogacy provides the only hope. Surrogacy gives them the happiness they desire so much. Even if the success rate is not 100%. I hope everyone understands that.

  5. alice996 days ago

    Hello there. I don't understand how people can say stuff like that. Even there are some countries that don't allow surrogacy and ban it. I don't get why. The only thing it has done is help people and made them happy. It has completed so many families. Take care.

  6. karsynne2 days ago

    Hi There. Hope you are doing fine. I read your post. Surrogacy is really a blessing for infertile couples. It is really a good option for couples who can't conceive. I think you should go for it. It will be friutful for you. Best of luck.

  7. Jade21 day ago

    Hello, Melissa. I hope you're alright. You're right, it's so unfair. Surrogacy does NOT deserve this. It's a great process. It's so helpful and it helps so many people. I think it's also really important to undergo surrogacy with the right clinic. You can't hope to have success with clinics that aren't experienced. A rare few clinics stand at the top. Ahead of everyone is one in Ukraine. They are an authority on assisted conception. My advice to everyone hoping to go for surrogacy is to choose that clinic. They are the best in the business. You won't regret your decision. I'm currently undergoing my process, and I couldn't be happier!

  8. ruby1232 hours ago

    Hello dear! please accept my deepest condolences. Infertility no doubt is hard to tackle. This disease is very common now a days. But science is so advance that there are other option to become parents. I am happy for you that you don't lose hope. You are searching for other option. Surrogacy is the best option to become a mother. But be aware of choosing the clinic. There are many clinics which cash the helplessness of patients. I had the very bad experience of lotus clinic. They are just wasting the time and money of couples. The Biotexcom clinic is doing best in this regard. Choose the clinic wisely. Wishing you good luck.

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