How can I shake this feeling

So July of Last Year I founded out my husband cheated on me, in the mist of working it out my Mother died in August. My mother death obviously side tracked me with issues in my marriage. We've talked about it, prayed on it but things is soooo different now. I was never the insecure wife, but now I'm constantly wondering what he's doing outside home. He knows I never will trust him again, but I feel like he got away with murder since my focused been shifted. Any advice Moms?

  1. Elizabeth & livi1 month ago

    Focus more on self love soooo much more on self love and god, i can and cant relate but he shouldnt make you feel like you nees to be insecure his life is his and yors is yours individually unique and precious, treat yourself and stay aware of unwanted thoughts and tell yourself no i will not be victim to it and i will continue to stay happy ! I hope this helps either way i just know how you feel in some ways and am doing allot of self work myself

  2. Ada1 month ago

    Amina_quinzellmommy so sad to you. I am really sorry for your mother’s death. A mother holds her kids join together. After her death kids began to scattered here and there. Mother is like a shadow for her kids, especially for daughters. Trust is the most precious thing between husband and wife. if he is cheating you then you should talk to him with proofs of his cheating. This is not a right way of living with a dual side personality.

  3. Linnea Lopez1 week ago

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