Any step-mamas in the house??

As a step mama myself, 2 step children and 1 of my own, I'd like to say I'm a SAHM of 3 kids. We have the 2 every second week and it's hard - my husbands ex partner sometimes has issues with us and our parenting styles. I'd like to her from other stepmamas and your situation? Have you had any challenges?

  1. Christa2 years ago

    Not a step mama BUT I was the step kid. And my two different families had very different parenting styles but in the end we all figured it out! I bet you're doing a great job!

  2. Precious Cohen2 years ago

    I'm a step mother and sometimes it's so hard, what are some parenting styles that some of you ladies use, do you use the same parenting style as you would for your own child?

  3. CarmeninBev2 years ago

    my husband has kids from a previous marriage but i don't feel like a stepmom because they were already in their late teens when we got married and were mostly with their mom. i wish i could have more of a relationship with them but i don't think they wanted another parent.

  4. Precious Cohen2 years ago

    its so hard at times, I don't feel like I'm a step mom neither I don't have a relationship with the kids because of the negativity that they have been fed

  5. [ deleted account ]2 years ago

    My situation is similar to CarmeninBev's. Being a step-parent is super hard no matter the situation.

  6. ChristinaBK2 years ago

    I am a step mom and my husband is a step dad. We have 1 together. I am "momma" our kids haven't really had a chance to get to know their other parents. So for a long time there were no issues with conflicting parenting styles. My daughters biological mom has come back into the picture for the first time in a very very long time. My daughter was 1.5 when her mom split to another state and she is 7 now. She is so angry that I'm called "momma" and that we are awful people for allowing her to think I'm her mom in any way. We have never lied to her, she has known all along that her real mother lives in another state. I'm just horrible for "taking her title" ...I could be wrong but I think her fear of not having a "title" as mom is the least of her worries. Reconnecting with your child that calls you by your first name and has no real memories other than a few pictures, would be my number one priority. Get to know her then gain that oh so needed title that I keep hearing about. My husband has no idea exactly how this whole situation hurts me because he is daddy to all 3. My bio daughter does not know her father as he is hasn't been around her and isn't able to see her at all. Being a step mom is just as hard as being just mom. I love her with all of my heart but I never realized how crazy our lives would get if the other mom ever came into the picture..we honestly thought we would never hear from her and we have full custody. How can I keep from freaking the hell out on her for disrupting our household and giving our daughter severe anxiety from worrying about visiting her?? Am I ridiculous for wanting to get on the first flight I find and shaking some sense into the woman????

  7. Meg Mariah1 year ago

    Hello all-
    My boyfriend has three girls from another marriage and I'm 12 weeks pregnant with his child. Assuming the role of a stepparent is extremely difficult. It's hard to accept that you'll always come second to his kids. While I have a good relationship with his girls, I struggle with feeling any kind of attachment to them. I'm not their biological mom and she is very much in the picture and they love her dearly - which is wonderful. I struggle with what my role is, i.e., role model, nurturing care-taker, teacher figure, friend, etc. It's hard to be with a man with children from a previous marriage. You feel like you put in so much word and take a lot of shit. It's also difficult to know that you won't share the very important first experiences of having your first marriage or your first child together. My pregnancy just doesn't feel special. It feels like more of a burden. There's not enough room in the house for this baby. It's also hard when you're sick and miserable and just want your significant other to take care of you or give you attention, but he has to take care of his kids. I often feel like an outsider and any hope or dream of having a "normal" family is over. A lot of these feelings are selfish, I know, but not acknowledging them, makes me feel resentful and just frustrated constantly. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off ending it and becoming a single mom.Anyone else know what i'm talking about?

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