Attention deficit disorder

My nephew is 10 years old, he has ADHD.
He has been to many doctors ever since he got diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, nevertheless, most of them were learning from him instead of helping him out!
He was naughty and hyperactive since his toddler ages, we were enjoying it until it began to irritate others!
My sister and her hubby are the best when it comes to treating and helping an ADHD kid! They tried hard to find a doctor to help their son. Finally, they found an ADHD coach from Evoke learning Toronto ! The coach always ensures to take time to chat with him, befriend with him. He suggested so many medications and games for reducing stress, my nephew is practicing almost everything. This coach has become a family now. Such a lifesaver he is!
The coach manages to contact my nephew's school every 2 weeks to see how he is doing there!
I'm sharing my experience here because I'm worried of the parents and kids out there, going through the same situation as of my sister's, who don't have the education or patience to deal with an ADHD child.
When we were in the worst scene, we couldn't even find a support group too!
Share your ADHD experience here, let's do this together!

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