Bf distant and needs space after I told him I'm pregnant

Hi, I recently found out I am pregnant only 6 weeks along, I told my bf who I live with and have been with for a year and a half and he was angry. He told me to go off birth control 5 months ago and wanted us to get pregnant. Now that I am, he is pulling away saying he's not sure this is what he wants or if he wants to be with me. I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong because our relationship was really good before the pregnancy. He just says I don't know I need space. He goes out now to hang out with friends a lot and doesn't show me affection anymore. I bring it up to him and he says he knows it's not fair to me but he doesn't know how to go back to how we were. I'm scared he's going to leave me now. And part of me doesn't want to be with him anymore if he is going to treat me like this when I need him the most. Some days are better than others and I feel he does care but then others are worse and I feel so alone. I don't know what to do but I'm sick of feeling neglected and sick of worrying all day when this should be the happiest time for me.

  1. Makayla F .5 months ago

    Don't worry everything will come together with time ' I went through the same thing & my husband finally came around . It's just a big shock to them like it is to us but they take it a little to far sometimes ! I wish you luck & that he makes a smart decision but as for you I wouldn't give it to much time to where it's hurting you , this should be a happy time . Communication is key .

  2. mommightlosehermind5 months ago

    It does all work out in the end for the best. I did not live with my oldests son's dad. We did stay at the same place quite often though. I got pregnant right after we broke up, long story. He was in and out of my life during the pregnancy. Sometimes he wanted to be a part of it and others not. I understand how you feel. The constant change of his emotional attachment can be hard to handle. Give him the space he needs for now. It will be best for you both. Try not to worry about how he is feeling and focus on you and the baby growing inside you. He has to make up his ind for himself and if he feels pressured it may cause him to back off, even if he doesn't want to. In my case, He showed up just long enough at the hospital while I was in labor to get my hopes up and left 2 hours before I had my son. He did come back 2 days later to the hospital and stayed an hour and I did not see him again for over 2 months. My son is better off never knowing his father. My son is 14 years old now. His stepdad has been in his life since he was 3. Even though my husband and I were together almost 7 years and had a baby before we got married we now have a wonderful family of 5. Looking back on it I made the best decision for us that I could. Just remember always be true to yourself and always find the positive in everything.

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