Considering a Lasik eye surgery soon...

Hey, I'm new to this forum.I'm writing this post to get help for my mother in law. She has been using specs for the past 7 years. She is 55 years old, has a healthy physique. She is wishing to get rid of the glasses now, she doesn't particularly want laser treatment, but she is afraid to use contacts.
She had a negative experience while using contacts(Long back she had eye infection and allergy due to the use of contact lenses).
I have done a bit of online reading to find the best clinics for laser eye correction surgery around Boston, a few of them seems to be impressive and I'm up to request quotes from them.
But before that, I just want to confirm that it is ok to have laser treatment on her eyes at her early 50's. She has a very good medical record and has stable vision over the past years.
I've tried to find it online, yet I prefer to hear from people in real.
Hope to get genuine replies soon.
Many thanks.

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