Dad wants to use daughter for proposal with new gf??

Ok so the title pretty much says my situation. My daughters father and I are co-parenting, however he just recently told me he is going to propose to his gf. He told me heis going to put a onsie on my daughter that asks the question and is going to have the gf see it. (My daughter is 3 months old). I let him know that was weird to use our child for him and his gf but am I overreacting?? Is it normal or is it unusual??

  1. CaliCarla20171 year ago

    Unusual. Your daughter is not a prop.

  2. [ deleted account ]11 months ago

    I think it sounds cute but something about it strikes me as inappropriate.

  3. Pookie211 months ago

    I think that is romantic and sweet

  4. callisy3 months ago

    Oh mine, that's awesome. I think you are overreacting. If the child is just 3 months that is going to be romantic. I even wish my husband could propose like that. It looks so cute. I am trying to imagine a 3 months old kid with an onesie with the magic question. The imaginations already look perfect for me. If you are comfortable you could just allow him to. I do not see anything bad with tat. Unless you two have unsolved issues. Unless otherwise let them enjoy themselves. It is not like they will be hurting the child. She is just acting a way in between. I have also seen weddings where a baby is the one bringing the ring in the alter. It looks so awesome to me. I have always pictured kids to be those angelic beings. So when they partake such characters it looks so heavenly to me. If I could be in your shoe I could let them be. I think you should do the same too.

  5. Diana1998 3 months ago

    This is a bit interesting and it is something worth commenting on. It has both negative and positive impacts. On the positive side, I think it will help him easily share out what he thinks to his GF. This may leave a permanent mark in the mind of the GF who is expected to live with your daughter through the co-parenting arrangement. It will make the woman know that the child is important in her life and she means a lot. It may also break a strong bond between the father and the new girl he intends to marry. This may create a permanent bond that will not be easy to break. Also, it is the best method that your former boyfriend is using to introduce your daughter to the would-be stepmother. It creates a bond between the two and will certainly enhance their relationship.
    That aside, I also think that it is not right. First, someone has mentioned here that your daughter is not a prop. So using her this way will not only be callous but will be violating the kid’s rights. This is a minor who does not even understand what is happening and so using her in this manner is not right. It is also possible that the GF may develop some attitude towards the child. If it happens this way, it may be difficult for the two to coexist. So I strongly advise that you consider the idea before allowing it to happen. If you feel it is not right don’t allow it.

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