Delaware Moms

I am a first time mom to an almost 6 month old. I would love to meet up with or talk to some mom's in Delaware. I am new to Delaware and don't know anyone here. Would love to find some people to do things with the kids.

  1. NewMOM151 year ago

    Welcome to Delaware and congratulations on your baby. I would love to talk to ya. Delaware is pretty small and moms are great. I can help you contact me at any time.
    I have a two year old she's great being a new mom and in a new place can be overwhelming. Stay in touch.

  2. Rachele.S11 months ago

    Me too! I'm in DE with no friends who live here. I have an almost 3 year old boy, and a 12 month old girl. Feel free to contact me!

  3. NewMOM154 months ago

    Hi rachele
    im reaching out to say HELLOOOO! i have not been on this site for a while so here i am

    i hope your transition here to delaware has improved that you have found work and child care for your little ones, most of all some nice people to become friends with. if your a stay at home that is even more wonderful.

    i want to tell about this great place for kids to and play and learn for only 8.99 per child. kids can just have fun its called the delaware childrens museum. look it up and take a trip.

    keep in touch.

  4. anna zerba4 months ago

    hey I'm just seeing this I just joined! I'm a single mom of 4 kids age 7 yr old boy, 4 yr old girl, 3 yr old boy(my preemie) and a 1 yr old girl. and I'm currently pregnant with my 5th I'm due in a month. love to meet other mamas close by!!

  5. NewMOM154 months ago

    HI again this new mom15

    i have just replied to one of your other post a few mins ago,

    yeah im totally always ready to meet moms with toddlers my little girl is two years old about to be 3 in march.
    we moms just need grown up time a hour or two to be alone and just breath or even eat a doughnut in peace.
    im not sure how much you will check your post on this site, it seems like people create an account be on for a little bit then forget and it and dont come back on. a few days ago i was looking for more mom groups to a part in here in newark delaware, the down fall for me is that i dont drive much because of my anxiety.
    so do you know if your having a boy or a girl? my prayers are for you and children.

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