Depressed and Lonely

If there is anyone out there who might read this please help me.. I'm 22 going to be 23 this year. I doubt anyone in here is that young but here goes nothing.. I'm engaged to get married and my daughter was unplanned but I love her dearly. My fiance and I don't have a place of our own. I stopped going to finish my college degree last year to focus on my pregnancy. Sometimes I feel so alone and that my life is over because nothing seems to be going right. Sometimes I wonder if giving up my daughter for adoption would be the unselfish thing to do for her at this point. I don't know how to get through my hardship at all.. I don't have many friends and I'm depressed about my financial and living situation I'm in.. just please help if anyone cares 8103386564..

  1. Haley Rodriguez1 year ago

    I am about to be 22, and my daughter was planned, but not planned at the same time. I stopped college to have her and I moved to away from my family. It's been tough, but the best move is to focus on you and finish that degree. Your daughter will love you no matter what you give her. Keep your head up momma!

  2. Sarah Siders1 year ago

    Anna, I am a therapist and coach for young moms and I can tell you that you're certainly not alone in feeling overwhelmed with motherhood. I went thru severe PPD and anxiety a few years ago and I thought it wouldn't get better but it did. I started taking care of myself and my soul better, connected to God and got a life coach. I am so thankful for where I am now.

    This is a difficult way to offer support just in a post like this. I'm sure you're doing a much better job than you're giving yourself credit for. You matter so much to your daughter. Our kids don't have to be planned to be a blessing and a gift that turns out life around. Clearly that has happened to you. So don't give up on yourself. This is a hard transition season.

    I'm not sure where you live or who you can get real with but having one close friend or mentor can make all the difference. We need one person to believe in us and be honest with. Once I had that, I started to heal. You don't have to be alone. I work with a lot of therapists who see mothers and help them thru the first Year and there are therapists like that in your area. Who have you reached out to in your friend or family group so far?

  3. balancingpineapples1 year ago


    I am a bit older than you, nearly 30 but often struggle with depression and anxiety myself. I know from experience that children, financial hardships and feeling as though you have no one to talk to can make things REALLY difficult. I want to encourage you to keep your head up, and by all means find someone to talk to. Whether, it be someone near you that you can see face to face, a therapist, or a stranger online talking really does help.

    I can be that person, if you are interested. Us women and mothers need to lift one another up more often.

  4. Zawadi8 months ago

    Hello, Anna.
    I fully understand your dilemma because I also got my first child when I was in college, but I went back to complete my degree. You are undergoing a tough time of your life full of challenges, yet you need someone you can confide in as you overcome your situation. Sometimes it is not possible to choose when to have kids; God can give you a child at any time in your life. Just be yourself, in fact, I am happy about the way in which you are ventilating your problem, and few girls have your courage. You are about to conquer your challenges; if you are a Christian, then you need to enhance your relationship with Christ, read the scriptures and pray. Your financial situation notwithstanding, that lovely daughter of yours doesn't have to be adopted. Maybe you need to focus on how you will go back to college. By and large, try to find a role model, who can hold your hand, you need a mentor. Take your time and find one, then develop a way forward, you will be surprised at how everything will work out in your favor. We love you and would like to see you succeed in life

  5. mrs.fiddlesticks6 months ago

    Hi Anna!

    So, I hope that things have changed for you! and your doing great now!
    Im new to this site so I am a bit late to chime in....

    Just figured Id let you know YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. Im older than you. about 27 ...EIKKKK
    But Ive been there. Still go there on occasion haha

    Hope you are doing WELL

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