Hey fellow moms. So I am 22years old and have a 2.5 year old and am expecting one. I need some mommie friends. I feel very alone and down in the dumps lately and it would just be nice to have a fellow mom who’s felt this way.

  1. callisy5 days ago

    There is always that feeling when one is pregnant. I hope it does not take a junk of your time. I am also pregnant and I feel in my lows sometimes. I think we can be online friends. It is my first pregnancy and it Is making me ish ish. However, I am delighted to be in this group. I have many questions to ask. My mother passed away while I was young so I do not have another person to ask. I hope you will bare with me. I really do not know a lot about pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like I will not make it at the end. But I have been going through some posts and they are really encouraging. I never knew that there people who suffer from infertility that much. In my case it took me long though 2 years TTC.

  2. Chandlermama175 days ago

    I’m 23 and expecting my first child and i feel your pain. Just moved from Nashville to NJ and literally a stay at home mom and have made any friends yet either. My fiancé plays in the NFL and you would think it be easier? Lol! No! Need some down to earth friends and im Willing to start with you!

  3. Christa4 days ago

    I think it's easy to feel down when you have a young child and are going through the tough hormonal changes of pregnancy! The most important thing is that you're not alone in what you're feeling.

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