How can help my kid to fight her fears??

Hi, I'm form Toronto. I'm a single mom of two kids. I have a son and a young daughter. I always feel blessed, being their mom. My elder son is fond of football. He is one of the best players in his school team. My younger daughter is of eight years old. People used to compliment me about her beauty and charm. But Now I'm worried about her. She is suffering from social phobia disorder. She is a good singer before me and her brother. She has pretty good skills in cartoon drawings and oil paintings. I've tried to reduce her discomforts by making her familiar or facing the situation, I fetched her to a family gettogether and then competition. But it was heartbreaking to see, as she looked drained and emotional. After that incident, we've consulted a doctor and she has been through a [url=]continuous anxiety therapy[/url]. It has worked on her and now she is doing well at least in her class and studies. Last day, when I met her doctor, she said I need to help her to face her fears and I should make her feel free to interact with people. I explained my previous experience, even then doc wanted me to do the same. I'm afraid of seeing my child in a lost stage, though I want her to overcome everything! I don't know what to do. I'm in chaos!!

  1. Lena R.5 months ago

    I dont know much on social phobia disorder but i do have social aniexty where its hard for me to function in a room full of people. I found the best way to minimize the overwhelming feeling is by seeing others like me or not even like me just relatively close to me face their fears and anixety . Seeing someone else face their fear/disorder really helped me want to work on facing mine . Overall try showing your daughter what fear you have (even if its not the same as her's ) and work on getting thru it with her by your side . Maybe seeing her mum over come something will help with her's. ?!!!

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