How can infertility affect the life of people?

If many women get a baby after the infertility then I can do. I am the person who believes in the strong women. I am here to share my exceptional story that can help many people. I believe the way I struggle was exceptional.
It’s all about the energy. My infertility issue makes me so weak and make so negative that I can’t even share with my people. I want to tell you the things that which is important to share here. All the frustration that I faced and all struggle I am facing making me a stronger woman.
Remember that there is a difference between the people who rise and solve the issue and quite. I never give up so I am going through forum to forum to get what it really means to me. I am reading the stories of women who conceive even if they faced infertility issue.
Let’s make it clear that I don’t want to share my stuff and I would like to connect with people who are facing the issue. I know it’s hard for me and it’s hard for them. I really want to share my story and want to tell them that it is important.
If I talk about my story, I diagnosed with the infertility issue when I was working really hard to conceive. The years have been passed but I am still failing. I always start making the changes when I get support and love.

  1. priyaangel25875 months ago

    Hello my dear friend, I am sorry to hear about your problem and I hope you will find good solution for infertility issue. It is very good thing that you are sharing your experience and problem with us and I always appreciate such positive thinking. It is very important to stay positive and strong in such condition. Infertility is a very common issue these days and many couples are facing this issue all over the world. It is never a good option to lose hope and happiness because of this issue. It is always important to fight with infertility in a positive way. I know that you are a strong woman and you are struggling with this issue in a good way. There are many ladies who are facing depression and stress due to this issue because they are not strong internally. It is very important to keep your attitude positive towards your life. With a positive attitude and strong willpower, you can easily face this issue. When it comes to finding good treatment solution for infertility, natural treatment, herbal treatment and medical treatment solutions are available. It always depends on your infertility causes and health condition that what will work for you. Many ladies can get help with natural treatment method like good nutrition and active and Healthy lifestyle to increase chances of pregnancy. When it comes to finding medical treatment solution, IVF and surrogacy treatment solutions are available easily to find help with an infertility problem. Many certified and reliable infertility clinics are available in different countries of world where ladies can easily find good treatment solution. I hope you will also find a good solution for your problem and you will get happiness to become a good mother.

  2. Misha Misha5 months ago

    Hello dear friend. I am really sorry about your condition. I know it is very difficult for you going through the bad phase in life. All I can say you should not give up and keep the mind positive. There are 20% of women in the world who are facing the infertility issues but still never give up and able to conceive the baby. All I can say you need the complete support, love and care of your partner and take the things easily. Stressing and anxiety is not the solution but it enhance the problems in life. I am here to support you and help you to get over it. Sometime due to the imbalance of the hormones and irregular periods, it happens. Now you do not need to worry and directly contact to Lotus Clinic in Ukraine where you can get the best treatment and able to get fertile. It is the dream of every woman to get pregnant and have the lovely baby. You have the golden opportunity to convert your dream into reality and conceive the baby.
    It is the time to fight with infertility and defeat the infertility issues. You just need to change your schedule and concentrate on your health properly. Moreover you need to eat the healthy foods and maintain the balance diet. I am here to support you and provide beneficial suggestion that help in conceiving the baby. Lotus clinic is highly reputed in IVF and surrogacy treatment. You can enhance the chance to get fertile and become pregnant. It makes your dream true and you can start the new phase of life. You need to conscious about health and never lift the heavy things and avoid the junk food during the treatment.

  3. Zawadi5 months ago

    Dear Melisaadams.
    I truly understand the pain in your post. Being infertile comes with an emotional impact that calls for an understanding of the people with whom you interact. Some of them might seem to be meaning well, but in the real sense, they aren't. I pray that you find a balance on how to deal with the overwhelming emotional impact that comes your way, which you will find helpful. The most important thing that you need to do is to find the underlying problem of your infertility, which I think you already know by now. If you know it, then kindly link yourself to close groups of friends that you are pretty sure will be there for you during your struggle to overcome infertility. Sometimes you need to cry about it, joke about it, and laugh about it, which will reconcile you. You should know that you are not alone in your struggle. In fact, after sharing your experience as you have done, you will get to know many women who have trod the same path that you are now on; you will get a huge number of comrades who are now on IVF. Some are holding their babies today while others took to surrogacy, and they are happier than ever before.

  4. noreenwawuda4 months ago

    Hi there melisaadams. I am so sorry you have to go through all that. In fact am proud of you of coming out to speak about it. I know of various friends who keep quite. When you share something it feels half solved. Just remember you are not alone in that journey. There are many women out there undergoing the same. Lets just say they don't have the courage to come out. But with this this generation, there might be hope. I have had friends who had difficulties in conceiving. With technology advancement they are now parents. There is surrogacy, IVF and others. Maybe your situation can be helped. You can go to confirm from a professional. If there is nothing that can be done you can go for adoption. No one was born liking their situation. People should try to understand you more. Instead of talking behind ypour back they should give you the strength. In case you need more help kindly just tell us. We are here for you. Never feel alone yet there are people who will give you a listening ear in the forum.

  5. hannahperk3 months ago

    Hi there, please don't get worried. It's just natural process. It could happen to anyone. please don't be worried. Just be calm. There are other ways. Try them. Forget about failure. good things are going to happen for you.

  6. Mia8513 months ago

    Hello, Melissa. I understand what you're going through. I am in a similar situation. 3 years ttc. Haven't had any luck yet.I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility. Now, I am looking for strength and support that will help me keep going on.

  7. callisy2 months ago

    With technology advancement they are now parents. There is surrogacy, IVF and others. Maybe your situation can be helped. You can go to confirm from a professional. If there is nothing that can be done you can go for adoption. No one was born liking their situation. People should try to understand you more. Instead of talking behind ypour back they should give you the strength. In case you need more help kindly just tell us. People do differ. And you should also note that it is not everyone who wishes you good. I can remember when I went for my procedure in Bio texcom. And I should note that they are running out of economy packages in 2018 because many people have bought them. It is not everyone who was happy for me. They started talking of how bad ART's is. Like what was I supposed to do yet I had fertility issue. I had to end up not listening to them. It was for my own goodness. So follow your heart. Not only will the procedures change you. But it will affect the people who are around you. I hope you will have the strength to focus on positivity instead.

  8. tinakim2 months ago

    Hey sweet heart. How are you? I simply loved your words. Why didn't you go through any infertility tretament? There are many like IVF, IUI. Surrogacy is also a option. It's best in Ukraine. Didn't you thought to adopt a child? You should think for these options. I hope you become mother soon. Take care.

  9. Mia8512 months ago

    Hi, i am really very sorry to hear your story. To become the mother of your own child is the happiest feeling ever. But don't you worry if you are facing from some sort of infertility. Infertility is going to be very common problem. A lot of couples throughout the world are facing this issue. But a number of procedures, techniques , and medications are there as a solution of this problem. Even surrogacy is going to be very common. Where you can have your own child with the help of surrogate mother. So, be happy and hope for the best.

  10. marylux1 month ago

    Hello! I am happy to read your story not for the reason that you are unable to conceive but I am impressed to see your strength and positive attitude. I wish you good luck and success in your struggle. I would like to recommend you a fertility clinic in Ukraine. It’s really good and I have read many successful stories of their clients.

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