How do I deal with this?

Hi everyone. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I would love to hear any advice. Even some support would be good too. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Since then I have been quite depressed though. I have been unable to even hold her or care for her. I think it is postpartum depression. I just want it to go away. Some days, I just feel incapable to function. I just sit in the dark. My sister came down here to help out with the baby. I know I should step up and take charge. My daughter needs me. However, knowing that isn't enough. I can't seem to do to it. How do I deal with this?

  1. CherylAC7 months ago

    You should definitely talk with your OB/GYN about how you are feeling, they should be able to guide you. Having a baby is a big change to you physically and emotionally, you are not alone.

  2. Christa7 months ago

    Go to your doc! You're so not alone in thjis and there are so many things that can help!

  3. amypars7 months ago

    I'd recommend sitting with your doctor/significant other and discussing this issue of depression with them. The best way to get through stuff like this is talking about it and seeking help. This isn't a battle you should face alone!

  4. camillenanjala2 months ago

    Congratulations for the bay. If only you would have known how many people do wish for children. maybe that is the only way to know why you have to cater for her. Although it is something that ill not last long. It is temporary and will leave soon. But still. For the time being you should be closer to your daughter than you sister. She is just there to help with the house chores. While you take care of the baby. I can tell you how I have hustled for a child. If you could be just through half of the road I have been through you could not be feeling what you are feeling. 5 years ttc is not a joke. It seems like the whole world is unfair. Like you are curse. Your husband doe snot even deserve you. But if you got support you will make it through, So here I am a mother. It then changed my whole life. I went for the surrogacy in Bio tex clinic. Things turned well and my aby was here. I remember crying holding my child. I would not even let a single second pass unless I know she is fine. It is a good feeling being a mother. Do not degrade that feeling.

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